Is your website working as hard as you?

website optimization

Almost every business has a website. But how many websites are generating leads and clients?   The hard truth is that most websites are losing money… As in lost opportunities. All while optimized websites are generating leads every week and increasing their revenue.     For any established business, there’s always at least some website […]

THIS is why your sales funnel is not working

sales funnel problem

THIS is why your sales funnel is not working The Two Pillars of Online Success: Posting Content and Engaging with Others Have you ever dreamt of an automated sales funnel that generates income on autopilot? The kind where you never have to worry about finding clients or customers again?   Landing Page –> Email Course […]

A/B testing tutorial for WordPress

AB testing in WordPress

Quick A/B testing tutorial for WordPress Increase Conversions on Your WordPress Website with AB Testing Are you looking to get more people to sign up for your newsletter or download your lead magnet on your WordPress website? AB testing is a powerful tool that can help you achieve this by identifying which version of your […]

Conversion Rate Optimization explained

conversion rate optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization explained The Conversion Rate Optimization Jack Needs to Skyrocket Sales Jack’s online course website isn’t converting visitors into sales. Traffic bounces off like rain on a tin roof. Social media, SEO, and Google Ads aren’t working. Is his dream of internet riches doomed?   The Solution: Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) CRO optimizes […]

Shoot your first video for YouTube like this

maru youtube tips

Absolute YouTube Beginner’s Quick and Rough Guide Stop dreaming about it and shoot your first video If I can grow my audience and build a brand, so can YOU. And I genuinely hope you’ll grow your audience faster.      At the time of writing this, I have 100k views and 900 subscribers over my […]

Hook, Story & Convert

Hook, Story & Convert

This is for the young entrepreneur who wants to grow on social media and create a foolproof system that can evolve into a sustainable business over time. Let’s be honest. Who wants a job? Do you want to wake up early to go to work for the man for a fixed salary? Would you be […]

Landing Pages Simplified: What you must know

Landing pages article

Landing Pages Simplified: What you must know In this article, I’m going to explain how to build a landing page. And explain why they are important, so at the end you have enough knowledge and building blocks to design converting landing pages. What is a landing page and why you need it to make money online? Say, […]

Attention Hacks that Make Content Irresistible to Watch

youtube thumbnail optimization

Attention Hacks that Make Content Irresistible to Watch Fixing this issue guarantees your growth on social media: You spend a lot of time and effort creating quality content, but get low views and interactions. Don’t waste your effort by giving a wishy-washy first impression that people skip and ignore in a blink of an eye. […]

Web Design for Beginners: What you have to know to get started

how to become a web designer

Web Design for Beginners – What you have to know to get started So you have been thinking, “Hmm, could I build some of that cool stuff I see online?” Or maybe you have already typed some <HTML> and .CSS in Notepad to learn the magic.   While that was how things were done […]

7 best time multipliers to get more leads →

7 best time multipliers to get more leads → traffic, interactions, awareness, attention and more Everyone running a business needs clients. To get them, there are good and bad ways. To illustrate one bad way, I’ve sent in the last few months about 200 cold emails, personalized to potential clients. The total result: I got […]