Absolute YouTube Beginner's Quick and Rough Guide

Stop dreaming about it and shoot your first video

If I can grow my audience and build a brand, so can YOU.

And I genuinely hope you’ll grow your audience faster. 



At the time of writing this, I have 100k views and 900 subscribers over my two channels. I’ve published about 100 videos by now.

Here’s a secret. About 10 of those videos have generated 95% of the views and subscribers. 

Does it mean that the 90 other videos were a waste of time? Nope. I had to learn how to speak to the camera, write a script, edit the video, get the lights and sound right, and learn small things every time I made another.



If you are a writer, I’m sure you can relate. Your first text wasn’t going to win a Pulitzer or sell like crazy. You had to write hundred times to build the muscle, hone the skill, develop a style. 


Let’s get to it. I’ll share with you my best advice to shoot and publish your first video.

Just ignore all your excuses

I know for a fact that you have been thinking about starting a channel for some time now.


And it’s great that you’re reading another article about it.



Here’s my advice: You don’t need a fancy camera, studio setup, haircut, suit, faster computer or expensive video editor software to start. Symptoms of Excusitis.



OR, that you’ll get to it next week, after next week and so on. 



Fact: Even big and famous YouTubers posted lame videos first and that’s ok.


Stop wasting time building your channel in your imagination and get to it. Here’s how:


Dry Run Number 1

You have either a webcam with OK quality or a smart phone that you can prop up on a tripod, or fashion some support. Set it up.


Camera: Check ✅



Next, Write a script. Take it easy, just 100 words about something you find easy to write or talk about.


Script: Check ✅



Now, place yourself in front of the camera in a way that you don’t look like a Sith Lord with the lights. Test that the camera works and read through your script once before recording.


Rehearsal: Check ✅



Record the video and read the script looking at the camera. Ignore any excuses and mild discomfort.

You can do that. That’s how videos are made. Once done, watch the clip on your computer or on your phone. Delete it, keep it, whatever.


You don’t have to publish anything yet, just start practising.


First video recorded: Check ✅

Analyze, reiterate

Let’s imagine that you already did the previous exercise. 

Now when you watch yourself on a video you’ll probably have some negative thoughts.


We can rephrase those ideas right now: 

– My voice, look, presence, tonality etc. is ok for PRACTICE.


Don’t shoot yourself down with critisism, but give yourself a break to learn. Take it as a play.


Give yourself time to get use to it, if you didn’t make videos before. Making good videos takes some patience.

Your First YouTube video

The point of this article is to get you over the first barrier, that is to start shooting videos with the intention of uploading them on YouTube.


That’s why I’m not going over in detail how to edit videos here (Adobe Rush for phone or Davinci Resolve for computer).


Instead, let’s write your first script for YouTube. A simple introduction. 


I assume you are a writer, so feel free to use this template or not:



“Hi, I’m Maru Hieta, and this channel is about teaching how writers can grow their brands on YouTube.


In my future videos, I will be covering topics like how to speak to a camera, make thumbnails, optimize video content for search and anything that helps you grow your channel faster.


If you want to follow my journey and learn with me as we go, please like and subscribe.”


That’s not a bad starting point. Be as creative as you want, but simple is better than complex in the beginning.


If you can shoot that script in one take, you can upload it on YouTube as it is. Save you the trouble of editing.


It doesn’t need to be complicated. 

Last steps

Go to YouTube.


  • On computer, Click on the up arrow icon next to your profile on the top right corner.  Drop the video in the window.

  • On phone, hit the Plus icon on the bottom, and browse to your videos.

  • Give a title and description and hit publish.



You got this. You can absolutely do this. Keep it simple. 

If you want to get to 100k subscribers one day, this is how you start.


Send me your video link and I will like and comment on it and subscribe to your channel.

-> maru[at]scriiv.com


I’m rooting for you! Let’s grow together!

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