Scriiv is an online marketing agency that serves its clients with web design and development, copywriting, SEO and content creation. When put all together, you get Brand Consulting.


SEO. First page results on Google get all the traffic. If you’re website is not ranking high on your keywords, your website is a ghost town.


Copy. Some websites (not yours) is filled with platitudes like high quality and customer satisfaction. Great copy enthralls people to act right now!


Brand. What is your online reputation and what people know you for? Branding means creating a concise image of a trustworthy authority business. 


Web. Websites are an essential part of sharing the vital information to your customers and clients of who you are and what you represent.

Brand Consulting

The term brand seems to be vague and ephemeral to some business people. But when understood correctly, it can hold a tremendous power. Let me give you a personal example.


My father was a car mechanic all his life until he retired. He exclusively fixed Toyotas, and was convinced that it was the best car brand in the world.


From his conviction, stories and behavior, I, early on adopted the belief that Toyota makes the best cars in the world.

Would I now consider buying a car, it would be a Toyota. 


Powerful branding works like a religion. When the brand is great, the customers themselves become the brand ambassadors, spreading the gospel all around them, converting other people to the same faith, if I may.


This is the reason why whatever you do, you have to deliver your best service and products. Then your branding is done for you by your clients.

Branding in practice

Now you are likely thinking: ‘While that’s great for the auto maker with 100 years of experience in branding, how can I use branding in my own business?’


Your number 1 task is to build trust in your brand


The biggest fear in using money is wasting it.

That’s why we love brands. Brands offer us security of a standard quality. We can trust that we get our money’s worth.


Everyone has ordered something cheap online just to realize that the quality is disappointing. Me too. It sucks.


That’s why your brand’s principle purpose is to build good faith in your products and services.

If you have trust, your branding is 90% done.




How to build trust in my brand?

Treat your existing clients like esteemed friends. And keep doing that.

Then it’s easy for them to recommend your business to others.


In effect, this way you become a brand preference and get your clients by referrals.


For all that to really connect, your brand needs a memorable visual representation. Your logo, main colors, fonts and style has to become emblematic part of all your communication from letterheads to YouTube inserts and Instagram carousels.


Creative brand consultants, like me, will help you to build a graphic guideline for your brand, with all the templates ready to use. Beyond visual representation, branding also considers the tone of voice and the positioning on the market.


When these elements come together in smart brand design, your business can jump to the next level. 


Unfortunately, but rightfully, many consulting firms charge astronomical fees for this work. Most small and medium-sized businesses are not willing to invest that kind of money to something they might not fully believe in.


As a solo brand consultant, I’m happy to help businesses on a much more reasonable rate. But you don’t need to hire me.


What can I do myself to get better results?

Well, let’s start with the very basics:


Tick all that applies

  • My existing clients are very happy with my services and products
  • My brand has an up-to-date graphical guideline that is used in all communication
  • My content has a consistent tone of voice and speaks to the target audience in my market position

If you ticked the first point that your current clients are happy, you can incentivize their motivation for referrals by offering them discounts or gifts for any new clients.



If you ticked the second point, then you can increase the volume of content by making use of the existing templates and batching the creation process to save time.



If you ticked the third point, delve deeper in the buying intent by producing valuable content to help and educate your target audience.


Use these three main leverages to gain brand leadership & boost your performance and results.


If you couldn’t tick all the points, work on to fix the existing issues first. This could release the bottleneck in your business and allow new growth.

Let's keep branding simple

Now you should know what brand consulting is in practice, and have a basic understanding what brand consultants do.



To be honest, I don’t like to use the jargon too much, and words like brand architecture just sounds silly for a normal business. 



That being said, however, brand management is important. It simply means keeping the image, the communication and the service on a high standard. Let’s do something useful instead of talking big words.



If you want to hire a freelance brand consultant to help you with that, book a free consultation call to get us started.

Markus Hietanen Consultant

Markus Hietanen

Brand Consultant, Entrepreneur