Conversion Rate Optimization explained

The Conversion Rate Optimization Jack Needs to Skyrocket Sales

Jack’s online course website isn’t converting visitors into sales. Traffic bounces off like rain on a tin roof. Social media, SEO, and Google Ads aren’t working. Is his dream of internet riches doomed?


The Solution: Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

CRO optimizes website content to convince visitors to buy. It’s measured by conversion rate: the percentage of visitors who take a desired action (e.g., buy something).


Jack’s Starting Point: Website Optimization

Since Jack already has traffic, optimizing his website for sales is the best first step.


But What Needs Changing? A/B Split Testing to the Rescue!

A/B testing is a marketer’s secret weapon. Here’s how it works:

  • Split Traffic: 50% of visitors see the original website (Version A).
  • Test Variations: The other 50% see a modified version (Version B) with a different headline, image, or both.
  • Track Conversions: The A/B Split Testing tool tracks how many people convert on each version (e.g., click “Buy Now”).
  • Identify the Winner: After enough data is collected, the test ends, revealing which version had a higher conversion rate (more sales).


Why You Need A/B Testing:

  • Data-Driven Decisions: Make choices based on facts, not guesswork.
  • Double Your Sales: A/B testing can potentially double your website’s sales.
  • Boost Your Credibility: Offer data-driven solutions to clients as a marketer or copywriter.


Realistic Expectations:

  • Early tests may not yield huge improvements. Significant gains often come from multiple rounds of testing.

A/B Testing in Action: John (the Baker) and his Glowing Dog Collars

Let’s say John sells glow-in-the-dark dog collars online. His conversion rate is a low 1%. Here’s how CRO can transform his website:

  • Improved Headline: Increases conversion rate to 2%.
  • Added Testimonials: Boosts it to 3%.
  • Stronger Bullet Points: Pushes it to 4%.
  • CTA Button Changes: Enhances it to 5%.
  • Exit-Intent Pop-Up Discount: Lifts it to 6%.


From 1% to 6% Conversion Rate: That’s a 6X increase in sales! If John was making $20,000 per month, an optimized website could generate $120,000!


Unlocking Your Website’s Potential:

Most websites operate well below their potential. CRO can help you capture those missed conversions.


Beyond A/B Testing: Additional CRO Techniques

  • SEO: Attract organic traffic from Google and YouTube.
  • Heatmaps: See how visitors interact with your pages.
  • Website Redesign: Simplify the buying process and improve mobile responsiveness.
  • Lead Magnets: Offer valuable resources to capture email addresses.
  • Copywriting: Craft compelling headlines, bullet points, and calls to action.
  • Page Loading Speed: Improve speed to reduce bounce rates.


The Power of Copywriting:

Headlines are 80% of your copy. A weak headline means no one sees the rest of your message.


Ready to Skyrocket Your Sales? Let’s Get Started!

In the next part, we’ll delve into how to set up AB split testing on your WordPress website.


Creating an AB Test Using Two Headlines to Increase Conversions

Next I’ll show you how to create an AB test using two headlines to see which one gets a higher conversion rate. We’ll be using a free plugin called AB Split Test that works with Elementor and other popular page builders on WordPress.


Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Setting up the AB Split Test Plugin
  • Defining the Conversion Trigger
  • Creating Variations of the Headline
  • Running the Test and Analyzing Results


AB Split Test Plugin Setup

  1. Add a new split test and give it a name.
  2. Select “Page Elements” as what you’ll be changing.
  3. Choose the element you want to test, in this case, the headline.
  4. Set the conversion trigger. This could be a URL adding to the shop page, a form submission, or a button click.


Creating Headline Variations

  • Create two variations of your headline.
  • One will be the control (original) and the other will be the treatment (new version).
  • You can update the title, rewrite the copy, or adjust the length.


Running the Test and Analyzing Results

  1. Save and start the test.
  2. Visitors will see either the control or treatment version randomly.
  3. After you have enough traffic, analyze the results to see which headline performed better.
  4. Remember, significant differences are ideal to avoid glitches.


Key Takeaways

  • AB testing is a powerful tool to optimize your website and increase conversions.
  • You can test various elements on your page, not just headlines.
  • Keep testing and iterating to find the best performing elements.


Bonus Tip:

Claude Hopkins, a pioneer in scientific advertising, emphasized the importance of testing for marketers. Don’t ignore this valuable tool!