Landing Pages Simplified: What you must know

In this article, I’m going to explain how to build a landing page.

And explain why they are important, so at the end you have enough knowledge and building blocks to design converting landing pages.

What is a landing page and why you need it to make money online?

Say, you learn how to solve a problem people struggle with. For example,

how to create and run TikTok ads.


You start creating content about that, and people like it, but how can you filter people from the audience who are potential clients?


Well, one way to do that is to create a free resource interested people can download from your website.

5 Rules for Creating Successful Ads for TikTok

The free resource can be for example, a short guide called

5 rules for making successful TikTok ads.


In your next video or short, you can promote this free resource and let people know they can download it from the link in the description.

They come to your site, and instead of arriving on your home page, they land on, that’s right, to your specific landing page!

Here you can ask them for their email and some more information.

And then send them the guide book by email  or redirect their browser to the right URL.

In this case, the purpose of a landing page is to collect an email address.

Which you can use to send more relevant and helpful information to people who opted-in.

And some offers if they are interested in your paid services. And if you do it well, you can get clients coming to you and make money online.

Landing pages are the keys to turn your sales around. Instead of you going after leads and prospects with cold email, DM’s, or calls, you can bring in clients with content, landing pages and useful free stuff, like

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And while the purpose can be to get an email address for a free resource, it can also be money for a product or a service.

This is why it’s important to understand how to design the layout and content to maximise the conversion rate, which means how many visitors take the action you intended.

Conversion rate can be calculated by taking the number of visitors on your page, and the number of downloads – which can be measured, for example, in Google Analytics.


Now that we know what landing pages are, we can move on to talk about their design.

Landing Page Design

The best way to design a landing page is to make it feel seamless. 

Say someone is watching your video and takes up on your offer and clicks on the link.

Make sure the content and design match your video to make the visitors feel they are getting what they came for.


Any deviation from this will lower your conversion rate. 

That’s where branding comes in to have consistent look across platforms.

opt-in page example
Keep things clean and simple.

This landing page has one purpose – to download the guide you’re promoting


Don’t overwhelm the visitor with too many things to look at.

bad landing page design example

You must’ve seen some horrible landing pages where you don’t know which download button has less viruses and an explosion of adult content popups.

Have only three things that help them absorb the information easily.


A heading, an image and the download link or form.


Below you can add a longer description or testimonials and so on, but for this purpose, less is more.


This type of a simple landing page can also be called an opt-in page or squeeze page, because of its barebones design.


Let’s break down these three key elements:

  • The heading should match what they expect. Be clear and state the benefit. Save time, earn more, do faster, and so on. In this case: Learn how to advertise on TikTok to start selling on social media.
    Formulate your heading like this, and ask your favorite AI for some alternatives and pick the one you like the most.

  • The illustration should be relevant and clear – In this case the cover of the guide book with a style that resembles TikTok. You can do this in Photopea, Canva and perhaps utilize an AI image generator to add elements on the cover.

    But don’t do the mistake common in lot of AI content at the moment: Fix the janky texts.

  • The Call to Action can be a button for a pop-up that opens a form. Write Download or Get it now. Get the secrets. Whatever sounds good. When people click on that, have a form ready where they can fill in their information. At the core, you want a name and email address.

You can also ask additional information that would be valuable for you to know. Like:

What do you want to sell on TikTok?

pop-up form example

If most people who download your guide say they want to sell dolls, you can create content for this audience to cater them better in the future, and tailor solutions they would find valuable.


If you are going to send them more emails, let them know that they are going to receive some. “Join our newsletter to download the guide” on top of the form.


Once they click, fill the information, and click on the button, you can send them the guide by email as a PDF, or a series of emails, or you can build your guide on your website to make it scale better on a mobile screen than a fixed document.


Now you know what Landing Pages are, why you need them, and how to build them.


By the way, even on a longer landing page, the same rules apply. Keep the top clean and simple.

If you create a landing page after this, send me the link by email and I’ll roast it 😉

Every page should be a landing page?

But you might think, if the idea of a landing page is to increase the conversion rate,

and thus, increase how much clients and money the website is generating, shouldn’t every page be a landing page?


  • Every page should be a landing page.

Say you have 4 services on your website, each with their own page.

4 marketing services

Edit the service pages to make a simple entry-level offer, throw in a bonus and make people click.


Even if your real bread-and-butter services are expensive, offer something simple to start the relationship with low risk from both sides.


It can be an audit, or a customized toolkit. See what your competition is offering for ideas.


Ok, but what if the person visiting your site want to buy the premium thing right away? 

This rarely happens, but if it does, you can add your more comprehensive offer below the fold for people who are looking for it.


Now I saved the best part as last, because the impatient readers are already gone, after skimming the text, rushing to scan something else. I’m happy to see you took the time to read this. If you find this article useful, send me an email to to share how you are using landing pages.

How to increase the conversion rate?

This skill is extremely valuable if you run your own business or offer this as a service, because it can have a significant effect on the revenue.

There is one way to do this, that has been used since the dawn of advertising.

You create your first version, that we call split A. And then your second version, that we call split B.

Now, people who come to your website are shown 50-50 both versions.


Following your statistics, now you see which version is performing better, and either put 100% traffic on that, or replace version A by version C and run another test.


If you want to learn how to do this on your website, check this link to access the hidden CRO pages to increase your earning potential.

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