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AI Color palette generator

Use this tool to get the look right fast and start designing

🎨 Start with colors:

This AI tool generates harmonious color schemes based on deep learning.

You can randomize, lock in colors, and upload images to extract color palettes.

AI image generator

Use this tool to create stunning backgrounds and illustrations

✨ Generate amazing graphics:

This fast AI tool generates set of 4 images on each prompt and offers free generations daily for fast content creation.

Download your favorites to use on your design.

Browser image editor

Use this tool to replace Photoshop and retouch AI images

🧙 Fine-tune final graphics:

This browser-based Photoshop replacement allows you to fast edit, crop, and optimize images to load fast on your website.

Export images as modern WEBP-format to compress file size.  

Image Optimizer

Use this tool to optimize images in batches – 100 per month free

🗂️ Optimize multiple images:

Sometimes you have images that are too big for websites. Instead of manual resizing, use Shortpixel!

Batch client’s images in one go to save time and speed up the process. 

Copy to create HTML

Use this tool to COPY a complete design and customize to you.

🔥 Snatch design and make it yours:

Web design tool Framer has a tool that makes web design WAAYY too easy!


Multiply your output by using the HTML to Framer browser add-on and copy the best designs online!

Find reference websites

Use this website to find good and great designs to reference.

🥷 Get more inspiration:

Maybe you are familiar with Behance and Dribbble already. Both have their own style.
If you want to find alternative good design for reference, Lapa has more.

Breaktrough Velocity

These are but few tools and websites to get you started

Do you want to get to the next level?

Peter Diamandis compared AI revolution to an Asteroid event that wiped out dinosaurs. 


This is happening RIGHT NOW.


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