website optimization

Is your website working as hard as you?

✅ Almost every business has a website. But how many websites are generating leads and clients?


The hard truth is that most websites are losing money…

As in lost opportunities. All while optimized websites are generating leads every week and increasing their revenue.



For any established business, there’s always at least some website traffic. People come to visit, but bounce off in less than 5 seconds for these reasons:


  • The website might be loading slowly

  • The home page says nothing interesting

  • The mobile version looks wonky (mobile traffic is ~50%)

  • There’s no user design or a clearly defined goal for the user



A website that is a design piece or a static business card does almost nothing for your business. Yes, having an About page is good, but does that generate you leads? Few people bother to use contact forms.



Do you know what your website is supposed to do? Here are some examples:

  • Get people to join a newsletter

  • Get people to book a consultation or appointment

  • Get people to complete a survey

  • Get people to download and read your industry report

  • Get people to see your core offer and buy

How to make money with a business website

The first step to make your website generate more money for your business is to set a clear goal: to collect leads.


Then, the site needs a method to collect them. On the home page it can be a pop-up that offers a free trial, free consultation or a valuable report. Some people will want it and give their email address to get your freebie.


You can also have a sales funnel with a landing page to lead people directly from social media to your freebie. And on your email list.


Once people are on your email list

People who have landed on your website and opted in to your email list are leads; potential buyers.


Now, you need to set up an automated email sequence to let these people know about your core offer or campaign.


Some of your emails will have a link to a sales page or to book a free consultation call or get a free audit.


Some people on your email list will click your links and become your clients.


Keep it simple

Building a sales funnel like this is the first part of website optimization. This makes it possible that a business website is “working” at all.


A recent study (Neil Patel) showed that 78.2% of paid advertising is not profitable. Simply throwing money to advertising to get website traffic is not enough.


What the remaining 21.2% is doing is optimizing their funnels. That means once you have a method to collect leads, you start running A/B tests to increase clicks.


By running tests, your conversion rate will go up over time. This will transform your website into an automatic lead generator that works 24/7.

How to get started

To summarize, here’s an action list:


  • Set a goal for your website

  • Set up a method to collect leads

  • Create a freebie your target audience wants

  • Set up email automation to convert the leads into customers

  • Optimize this process with tracking & A/B testing


You can do it yourself if you have time to read more articles like this and watch YouTube videos. If it sounds too complicated, I can help you set it up. Send me a message to get a free audit, and join my email list to learn more.

website optimization diagram

Any business website can be optimized to work for the business!