The Two Pillars of Online Success: Posting Content and Engaging with Others

Have you ever dreamt of an automated sales funnel that generates income on autopilot? The kind where you never have to worry about finding clients or customers again?


Landing Page –> Email Course –> Great Offer –> $$$

While achievable with dedication, this funnel is useless if no one sees it. If you don’t show up online, you simply don’t exist.


The Funnel Fallacy

I learned this the hard way. Once, I spent over 6 months building a web design course in two languages… but I never posted anything about it. The launch? Uneventful, to say the least.


Let’s Get Mathematical

Imagine your funnel has a 2% conversion rate, meaning 2% of visitors convert into paying customers. If you earn $100 per conversion, you’d need 100 people to enter your funnel to make $200.

But for them to enter, they need to see your content. No content means no traffic, and a stagnant funnel.

To reach 100 potential customers, your content needs to reach at least 2,000 people, assuming a 5% conversion rate.


The Power of Engaging Content

To achieve that conversion rate, your content needs these elements:

  • Useful information targeted to your audience
  • A clear call to action related to your content
  • A link to your landing page (or a way to capture leads)


Content is King, But Distribution is Queen

So you’ve created a killer piece of content, maybe a YouTube video. How many views will it get organically? Not many… especially if you’re starting out.


Break the Platform Silos

While sharing on social media is important, some platforms might shadowban your content, limiting its reach. To counter this:

  • Upload videos directly to Facebook and LinkedIn. These platforms are more likely to show your content if it’s native.
  • Repurpose your content! Take snippets for Instagram and TikTok shorts. If they perform well, share them on other platforms too. Don’t worry about reposting – most people miss your posts anyway!


Bonus Tip: Promote Winning Content

If a piece of content goes viral, consider promoting it as paid content. This can be a great way to attract even more leads and sales.


The Engagement Factor

Engagement is key to getting people interested in your content. Here’s why:

  • When you like, comment, and follow others, they often reciprocate, checking out your profile.
  • Engaging content gets more algorithmic love, leading to wider reach and more “breakaway” views that feed your funnel.
  • People appreciate creators who engage. It builds trust and makes you seem more human.


Want to Know More?

If you’d like a deeper dive into my posting and engagement strategies, shoot me an email at I’ll be sure to create content on that topic next!