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Foolproof system to grow your business

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From endless struggle to epiphany

Getting clients and running your business shouldn’t be constant survival and stress.

I’ve designed a foolproof marketing strategy for lead generation that will grow your audience, bring you leads, allow you to turn them into clients and add revenue to your business.


This is for you if you:


Stop running. Focus on creating strategic content that maximises your probability for success.

Running a business, I know from experience how hard it is to decide what to do.


Where, what, how, when? Social media is putting pressure on you to succeed and there are a dozen different ideas fighting for your headspace only to leave you feeling exhausted and defeated when nothing seems to work.


I was doing the same until I got tired of the headaches and sleepless nights. I wanted to earn back my time and peace of mind. After research and soul-searching, SCRIIV Storytelling Funnels were born.

Reach your breakthrough with a better strategy.

Here’s the gist:

  1. Decide what are your 3 core messages
  2. Grow your audience to thousands to get traffic
  3. Lead the traffic to opt-in to your newsletter
  4. Send offers to your email list
  5. Convert leads into clients weekly

Imagine you could double your weekly views in two months. Get 100 people opt-in to your newsletter per month. Get 1-5 more clients every month. Improve your financial situation – and your life. Start making evergreen content that keeps selling for you even when you have down-time. 


This does take months, but it works! Book a call to talk how to implement it on your business.

Discover the leverage points to connect your funnel and multiply your results online.

Hook, Story & Convert. A system designed for growth.


Attract & Impress your audience


Grow Your Following & Keep Them Coming Back


Convert Followers into Clients


Refine & Optimize for Maximum Results

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Getting clients can be so painful — you try cold email, LinkedIn, DM’s, asking for referrals, and nothing seems to work.



Monetizing your content also seems so hard. How to go from posting videos to

 earning money?



📍 SCRIIV exists to enable creators and small businesses to make money online by building marketing systems that generate clients.

Let's build a smart marketing system that connects your social media to your business

  • Craft engaging content to generates leads
  • Get a wave of visitors to your website
  • Give them valuable tools for free and collect emails
  • Send an automated email sequence to sell your services
  • Optimize everything with A/B testing and AI to get more revenue
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Hi! I’m Maru Hieta, a YouTuber and marketer. I help people like you to turn average channels and websites into real businesses that generate revenue so you can live life at large!

No more guesswork and low results

I’ve been working as a graphic designer, marketer, copywriter, SEO content writer, web designer, video editor… since 2006 in different positions. For last few years, I’ve honed my marketing skills to help businesses and creators like you to build a sustainable revenue from social media. 



Good marketing requires consistency and patience, strategic thinking and enough repetitions to work.

By redesigning, optimizing and helping my clients create relevant content, I have increased their traffic, conversion rates and overall revenue by generating new clients.



It’s not your fault that nothing seems to work. I was there too, running a zombie business and doing basically nothing to CONSISTENTLY AND ACTIVELY PROMOTE AND MARKET my services. Only when I realized how much time I’m wasting, I got serious. Let’s get serious about your business, too.

How to get started:

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About the video call… I don’t like calling people in general and I’m guessing you’re probably the same. However, I am easy to talk with and the idea of the call is just to talk shop and see if I could help you, and you’ll get few pointers for free.


And sure, if you prefer sending me an email, fire away to maru(at)


The One-Stop Marketing System contains:

  1. New design of your website with general branding (new or existing website)
  2. Content strategy to create your valuable offer and wrapping
  3.  Building of a sales funnel to connect social to your offer
  4. Setting up tracking and A/B testing

Content, video script, ad campaign, landing page and email sales letters.

Design, layout, functions, mobile, SEO, hosting and admin tasks.

Let’s work together to create more win-wins.

Graphic design

Branding, illustrations, layouts, posters, logos and business cards.


Planning, strategies, sales process, funnels, tracking and analytics.

Social Media

Getting you started on Video and Audio production for YouTube and TikTok.