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Scriiv Business Strategy

Yes! This is the Business Strategy page I’m referring to in my Business Strategy videos. Business Strategy – long-term view instead of daily tactics Stretch

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runway metaphor


Runway Video transcription: Hi! I’m Mark, if you’re new.   This is my vlog of getting ready, I have about 50 odd days left, and this

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rant about self-image


Self-image Video transcription: Hi! Today I’m going to talk about why I started building my own brand.  This goes pretty deep, so bear with

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Personal Brand Game

Personal Branding Game 9 Steps to Build a Winning Personal Brand This exercise is for anyone who is starting or running a small business, and

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Scriiv – Smart Marketing

Smart marketing To get more clients. Web Design Service ✍ Markus Hietanen has been working in advertising, marketing and online media since 2006. Experienced graphic

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scriiv mark vlog 1

62 Days to Go

Transcription of the video: Vlog, first of July 2021. Almost at 100 subscribers! Thank you for following my channel! I’m going to start filming this vlog

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update march 21

Log 7th March 21

Promises were made – Log 7th March Transcription of the video High time for an update! For anyone new or all subscribers, I want to

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scriiv first months start-up

5 months being an entrepreneur

5 months being an entrepreneur, LOG 19.01.2021 Transcription: Hi, I’m Markand this is the first update for 2021. this is a documentation of me

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