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Do you want better results with social media marketing ?

Get more clients.

Improve your website.

Write better ads and emails.

Make social media work for you.

Test and measure what works.

If you want any of these things, or something related, we could work together. 

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Demystifying Marketing

Marketing is showing your target audience what you have, demonstrating what benefits your products or services give, and guiding people to take action to become your clients. 

Using social media to reach your customers is an easy way to make a wider audience AWARE of your existence, and then TARGET interested people with offers. MORE DETAILS BELOW.


Competence is measured by demonstration. Following categories showcase our skills.

I am experienced in web design, online & print ads, copywriting, content, graphics and audio production. Read more on my RESUME.


Web design, Website optimization & UX, Animated ads, Video Sales Letter, Copywriting, Content writing, Social Media Marketing, Funnels, Email marketing, eCommerce, Branding, Referrals & Affiliate marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google My Business (GMB).


Branding, Print media, Flyers, Posters, Logo design, Business cards, 3d modeling, Photography, Video, Editing, VFX, Animation & Cartoons.


Recording, Editing, Mixing, Mastering, Background music, Soundtrack, Beats, Sound design, Animation, Foley, SFX, Game music, Dubbing, Voice-over, Radio spots & Jingles. 



Why should people pay any attention to me or to you?

We are bombarded by ads we hate to see and love to skip


Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, email and all the rest are filled with ads. 


Scroll, Skip, Close – Automatic responses to almost all ads.

Well, how to market in a way that reaches the audience?

The right way to reach people is by: 

First, having something to sell that has value to some people.

Second, sharing stories around your business and products.
Third, showing offers to target audience who show interest

Fourth, making buying from you as easy as possible.




The Internet Approves -


I am a one man specialized boutique.

Your business is going to get my full attention for 1 month.

In one month, we have time to look at your branding and marketing, improve what is already working and open up new channels to reach your target audience better. That may include building a website, landing page, writing, shooting and editing a Video Sales Letter, creating a Facebook campaign, and much more, depending what you need.


Realistically, I will be working with you and your team for about 50 hours. 
Communication via video calls and emails. My working languages are English and Finnish.


I only take 2-3 clients per month and my starter fee is €1,499 +VAT for one month.

This offer is available only for a limited time. Existing clients can opt-in for a monthly retainer.


Hourly consultation €50/h +VAT.


If you are interested to hear more, send me an email directly to

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