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Markus Hietanen has been working in advertising, marketing and online media since 2006. Experienced graphic designer, sound technician, web designer, SEO writer and online security specialist, he started SCRIIV in 2016 to employ himself, and shifted to full-time in 2020, after working 15 years in multiple industries and international companies. 


Scriiv excels in clear, focused and quick projects. Web Design, SEO and Copywriting.

What is Scriiv?

Your helper to improve your marketing and online presence.

How does it help?

Clarify your image, sharpen your message and bring in clients. 

Can you prove it?

All clients have been happy with the results.

Why do I need it right now?

SCRIIV works only with 2 clients at any time, don’t lose by waiting.

Markus Hietanen
Markus Hietanen

Media Creative, Dedicated to Get Your Message Out

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Are you curious about the name SCRIIV?


I’m a language nerd 🙋🏼‍♂️ 


Scriiv is a stylized form of *skribh- which is the reconstructed Proto-Indo-European root that originally meant cutting and separating.


Now, in most Indo-European languages, this root means today to write. For billions of people.

For example, in English the words script, scribe, prescription and describe all come from the same stem. 

I chose the word because I am a writer. Subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t already.