Hey Personal Brands & Small Business Owners!


Stop worrying and losing sleep over your low sales, because this SIGNAL MARKETING STRATEGY turns your marketing into an automatic generator of clients and sales.

Amplify your signal on the market

Imagine having a business that allows you to live the life of your dreams, forgetting the constant worry you are currently suffering from. That’s not why you started your own business, right? 


What about having social media content and PR that raises waves of attention and interest? Landing page that converts eager visitors to repeat buyers, and SEO that secures an influx of traffic every week and month? Finally, you can focus on the things you do best.

There is a new, powerful method called SIGNAL MARKETING STRATEGY that will boost your business like nothing before!

Lost signal?

It’s hard to put all the pieces together with your limited time and energy. You are distracted every minute by pings and bells throwing your focus off balance. You should focus on your core activities; serving clients and running the business, so how could you stay on track with new marketing with constant information overload, and million different opinions and options?

Focus your efforts with strategic growth plan to WIN

What if you could increase all the facets of your marketing by 10% in one month, and as a result increase your new clients and sales by 100% or more?


The solution your marketing needs is a focused growth strategy to connect the lines of your marketing, so the signal comes all the way through, producing you more conversions and closes.


We connect the lines of every part of your digital marketing; branding, profiles, content, ads, SEO, landing page, website and emails.

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Your most valuable asset is time. By connecting the lines of your digital presence to get the signal through will save you time and effort to have time for the things that really matter in your life and business.


By this Signal Marketing Strategy your content will have more engagement, and higher click-through rate every step of the way to your Thank you page.

Solution that helps businesses in multiple industries

Markus HietanenHi, I’m Markus Hietanen, and I help personal brands and small businesses to grow and improve their results in all areas of their digital presence and marketing.

For one big maritime client I helped them to optimize their website for Google and lifted their ranking from 14th position on the second page to TOP 3 on the first page, increasing the traffic by 67%!

For another, a new website improved the user experience, lowered the first page exits, and increased the in-bound calls by 32%.

One professional client in construction industry needed an online portfolio to replace a dated website. When combined with strategic SEO, the site started ranking on relevant search terms and increased the traffic by 104%, generating more emails and calls for the business.

For a specialized eCommerce business, a targeted Facebook ad campaign raised the awareness of their unique service and increased their sales from zero to multiple orders per day!

I know that building a strong, connecting line for your digital marketing can be a quite a challenge because I was neglecting my own for a long time, relying only on referrals. However, we can change all that for you, to make you presence and communication online attract attention and generate fans and followers – leading them to become clients.

Change your results now!

Start today to implement the Signal Marketing Strategy to change the results of your online business. If you decide to work with me, we are going to:


  • Audit your overall online presence, brand and message
  • Align and connect the lines all the way to your Thank you page
  • Make your signal stronger to reach and attract larger audience

We will also improve your SEO with keyword strategy, increase your site’s loading speed and implement structured data to massively hike up your ranking in Google.

Inside the Precision Marketing Strategy package

  • Brand Audit | value $199
    • Where are you now and what is the message
  • Growth strategy | value $399
    • How to leverage the brand to 10x the results over time
  • Completing and optimizing the funnel | value $469
    • Connecting the lines to overdrive the signal!
  • Keyword strategy | value $699
    • Making sure the website is ranking on 1st page on Google

Having these as separate services from marketing and SEO agencies would cost you $1,766 or more. As a new offering for February 2022, this package will be offered at a lower price point for the first 5 clients.

It’s going to be expensive

Many marketing or SEO agencies ask more than $2,000 up front before they do ANYTHING, for only ONE PART of this package.


The value of this package is much more than $1,766, but what is going to blow your mind is the price you will have today as one of the first 5 clients in 2022.


The price for this one-month service package is only $766. That’s right, the limited time offer is shaving $1,000 from the top to deliver you amazing value to dramatically improve your results in your sales.

Don’t miss this opportunity

SCRIIV is a one-man boutique business, serving each client with care and focus. That means the first 5 spots will be filled very soon, and the waiting line will make this package (with a higher price) unavailable for months.

Currently there are 4 slots left.

Guaranteed results

The goal of implementing this strategy to your business is to increase your sales by improving your marketing and connecting every piece of the funnel.


If our one-month project does not increase your sales, you don’t pay anything, but keep all the improvements for your digital marketing for free.

What happens next

If you want to stop worrying about making sales and getting new clients, click the button below and answer the few questions to send me an email, so I can follow up and book a short time to talk with you about working together and finding out if we match. 


Click the button to take advantage of the offer.

Unseen dangers ahead

If you keep falling behind from the competition with low sales, struggling to make even or little profit, how long can you go before you lose?


If you don’t take action today to improve the situation of your business, what will happen?

To avoid to GAME OVER screen, you have to get a life up by sending a message now. Once all of the 5 slots have been taken, the price will double, and the waiting will be months.


Let’s improve your sales and get you new clients by implementing a smart, effective and long-lasting marketing strategy to your business if you are a small business owner or a personal brand.


We will work together for about 20 hours to fix your marketing and messaging. If your sales figure doesn’t increase after 1 month, this service will be rendered free.


The current offer is limited to the first 5 clients from February 2022 onwards. When the slots are booked, the price will double and waiting time will be months.


Go ahead and click the blue button above to send me an email, and I’ll responds shortly.

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