Are you getting any clients online?

Do you feel like your website is not doing much for your business?


Could your website rank higher on Google to bring in more visitors?


📍 How many of your new customers go somewhere else, because they can’t find you?


Is it causing you stress and anxiety to see that your online results are not what you expect?


Having a disconnected online presence is losing you clients every week and month.

Design system that connects your clients with you

  • More visitors to your website by ranking higher on Google search and having better content on social media
  • More leads from those visitors by offering engaging content to collect email addresses
  • More clients from those leads by strategic email marketing
  • More revenue thanks to your new clients
  • Clear understanding of the sales funnel and your online analytics

↪ A website that is generating clients

A pulse from online, going in the first section highlighting it, then to the second, third.. and turning the last one green


Salvo Grima

No more guesswork and low results

For the last 8 years, I have helped my clients to free their time to focus on serving their clients while their website works as their automatic online lead generators.


Nice design has very little to do with sales.

I understand what it’s like to go over your website design and content a dozen times! Just to leave you again hoping, instead of knowing and seeing results. By now, I’ve build dozens of versions of websites (including mine!), and learning what to SAY has been through trial and error. From my experience, I have created a SCRIIV Design System that connects the dots between your target audience and your offer.


Stop having myopia about your own website and build a system that ranks you on Google, brings in traffic, offers value for your audience and leads them to become your clients in a friendly and helpful manner. 


How to get started:

scriiv book a call


scriiv blueprint


scriiv design system


Follow this easy process to get your new website up and running:


1. Book a call – Let’s have a chat to see if we match well

2. Let’s create a plan – Get my best advice and a clear path to move forward 

3. Run the sales system – We build your automated lead generator



Hi! I’m Maru Hieta, a digital creative. I help people like you to transform your online presence into a sales machine that works for you non-stop.

Let’s have a talk how to change your results online.

Maru Hieta SCRIIV

Tired of a website that's just a pretty brochure?
Get leads and sales with the SCRIIV Design System

At Scriiv, we know that you want to run a successful, stress-free business. In order to do that, you need to have a smart online marketing strategy generating you more clients. The reality is that you don’t have time to redesign your website or write copy by yourself which is frustrating, because you know it could be so much better, and save you time from getting clients “manually”. 


We believe that running a business shouldn’t be survival and headaches, but a fulfilling and pleasant way to have financial independence while contributing to the society with your unique skills and talents.


We can change your results online like this:

1. Book a call to discover ways to improve your results today

2. We’ll create a plan to transform your website and your online presence anew

3. We’ll follow a clear path to achieve that



Most websites are designed to look good, but not to convert visitors into customers. That’s where we come in. Our proven SCRIIV Design System combines the power of compelling copywriting, lead magnets, strategic headlines, and effective sales funnels with targeted SEO to help your business attract, engage, and convert ideal customers. We don’t just build websites, we build revenue-generating machines.



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Fire your old designer

You have been lied to. Most web designers care more about blinking blips and shiny buttons than your sales.






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Description that makes you want to click instantly.


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Content, video script, ad campaign, landing page and email sales letters.

Design, layout, functions, mobile, SEO, hosting and admin tasks.

I’m with you on every step of the way.

Graphic design

Branding, illustrations, layouts, posters, logos and business cards.


Planning, strategies, sales process, funnels, tracking and analytics.

Media production

Video and audio editing, VFX, SFX, 3D animation and motion graphics.

Website course


Solepreneur, build your own website quickly by following a simple video course.


During the course we’ll go through everything from getting your domain to finalizing the website.