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How To Build a Personal Brand in 2021?

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"The power to comes from your ability to share relatable stories and values."

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scriiv first months start-up
Brand building

5 months being an entrepreneur

5 months being an entrepreneur, LOG 19.01.2021 Transcription: Hi, I’m Mark and this is the first update for 2021. this is a documentation of me

Brand building

Challenge the Creative! LOG17/12/20

Challenge the Creative! LOG 17th 12 20 Transcription: Hi I’m Mark this is the documentation of me building my brand and just explaining how I’m

Mark Hietanen YouTube log
Brand building

LOG: Now they’ve closed my account

LOG 3rd December – Facebook ad account closed Transcription: Hi, I’m Mark and this is my log 3rd of December 2020. I’m building my brand

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