Let's build your brand

Most people are wrong. They say you cannot, and it’s not a real job. 

Yes, you can build and grow your own brand, your own business and live your life on your own terms. 



Anything worthwhile is built over time – with consistency, effort and good strategy you can build a living for yourself, doing something you like. 



This is not my idea. It is the new reality. The global creator economy is estimated to be $104 billion [source], and the single fastest growing type of small business [source]


In fact… Let’s get real here. If you want to build your own small business, it’s going to be much harder if you don’t use social media and personal branding to get you noticed. 

Becoming independent



I’m building mine, and will continue doing so as long as I need to make money in order to have options and freedom in my life. 


Most people who sit on the ‘marketing boards’ making decisions do not have personal brands and no first-hand experience. 

I am on the arena, collecting XP and building alliances. You’ll probably ended here because you saw my content on social media. I don’t want to brag, but it seems to work!



Below, you’ll see the main topics that SCRIIV is about. 


You’ll find the 9-Steps to Picking a Winning Personal Brand, and my services and courses in the sections below. If you want to work with me directly, please use the contact form or send me a message on LinkedIn. 


Mark Hietanen

Mark Hietanen

Personal Branding Ambassador

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Brand building

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Brand building

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