Change Elementor Hero Image in 2 minutes

You can change your background image in Elementor like this.


Log in to WordPress, open Pages, find the right page, and select Edit with Elementor under the title.

On the editor, right-click on the image and select edit section.



From the style tab, you can see the current image and remove it by clicking on the trash can icon.

To add a new one, click on the plus sign, and select the Upload Files tab.

Go take for your photo if you don’t have it yet.

Upload the best shot to Google Photos on your phone, open Google Photos to a new tab on your computer and download it.

Back in WordPress Media Library, click Select Files and grab the photo from your Downloads folder.

You can also rename the file.



If your filesize is too big, check this video to resize it before uploading.

Describe the image in the Alt title and hit Select.



Adjusting the image position

elementor display settings

Now it should appear on your page. In case the size doesn’t look right, try to change the Display size to Cover.



Hide the toolbar from the caret to see a preview, and you can further adjust the size and location of the title by changing the margin and padding values on the Advanced tab.



Once you got it right, click on the Preview button to open a new tab. Now you might have a similar problem, that the Text doesn’t stand out well from the background. Let’s change that.



Click on the Heading and open the Style tab and pick a color that has better contrast against your image.



You can also add text shadow to make it pop out better.

We can take the same steps for the subtitle.



If the text takes up too much space, we can either reduce the font size, or the letter spacing in the Typography settings.


Now it looks much better. Remember to save your changes!

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