Remote copywriter

remote copywriter

Remote copywriter | Viable option for work from home? If you are on a native level in English, you could start working from home and writing advertising texts from home. How would you like some extra income by working couple of hours every night, or maybe turn it into a full-time job? This is a […]

Finnish copywriter

Finnish copywriter

Working as a Finnish copywriter is a great opportunity to collaborate with big and growing brands, and get invaluable experience in advertising and marketing. With a proactive and energetic approach, you can also work as a Finnish freelance copywriter, which gives you the ability to taste and enjoy remote working abroad, often called laptop lifestyle […]

Why Copywriting is important?

why copywriting is important

Why Copywriting is important? Have you ever come across any written material that had the ability to persuade you to buy? I’m sure you have. Almost everything people buy online has some copywriting attached to it. The purpose of copywriting is to make you want it and buy it. But it’s also important to remember […]

SEO Copywriting – Match 2 superpowers together to WIN!

SEO Copywriting is about combining two essential skills required to be successful online.     1.      Following smart SEO practices for writing online to rank high in Google. 2.     Copywriting to solve target audience’s problems to improve conversion rate.   Both these parts are extremely important to get right. If you miss the strategic SEO […]

10 steps to become a successful Freelance Copywriter

Being a freelance copywriter is a great choice for anyone who can write comprehensible text and learn some basic rules. It doesn’t have to be art or magic. The point of copywriting is to sell.   It allows the scrivener to live anywhere, have flexible timetable, and enjoy the good things of life. You can write your […]