YouTube long-term strategy

What is Markus Hietanen channel about? MISSION:

– Becoming independent and wealthy over time by growing your own brand and online business.

– Subset: Mindset, Skills, Character

Who cares?

– Young, mostly male audience 24-34, who want to do the same. US, UK, Europe, Australia, Mexico, India, etc.  


What are they most afraid of?

– Getting out from the safe path and finding their own way. Fear of failure. 

What do they want?

– Grow and build their business

– Well-being; Mental health, Relationships, Money


How my content helps them?

– Show and demonstrate how you make a living and grow your business.
More specifically? Learning skills, finding and working with clients. Selling and marketing. Social skills. Becoming an independent man. Building a company.

You become the guide, the teacher, the leader


Four methods for creating content:

1. ASQ – Answer Specific Questions

– Tutorials, Case Studies, Personal experience.


2. Strategic Trending Content

– Use Google Trends and vidIQ as research tools to find trending content that fits your channel


3. Daily thought: VLOG + Inspired Ideas; struggles, motivation and mindset

4. Podcast; Interviews


Video guideline:

– Make a video every day, when you can. +1 podcast per week.

Always start with a promise and tell a story, leading to the reward

– Branded

– 3-second insert depending on the topic 


How do you monetize your brand?

Entrepreneurs solve problems for profit. 

– Build a real company that offers products and services for clients

– AdSense 

– Brand deals

– Affiliate marketing

– Information products; online courses, books

– Membership

– Merchandise



5-year plan:

Create valuable content about the process of becoming independent and wealthy over time. Building a real company with a team.

Create ~3 videos per week, 2 of your own, and 1 40-minute podcast episode.

Interview people about their journey and business.

Aim to get 1 million subscribers in 5 years. 

2021: 100 ▲

2022: 1,000 

2023: 10,000

2024: 100,000

2025: 1,000,000