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Guiding people to contact you and buy from your website


Imagine 100 people find your online content very interesting, and they look up your website.


What kind of first impression your website gives?


Does it look like you are a professional? Is the look aligned with your message and your target audience? Does it have a identifiable theme or branding?


We are visual consumers. We love videos, pictures, graphs and visual guides to help us understand our environment. Your website is the visual presentation of your online brand. You want to make the right first impression. Skilled Web Design makes visiting your website an experience.


What is the purpose of a website?

When people see your content, questions might pop in their head. Seeing you as a potential solution for their problem, they want to find out more about you.


Your channel page, your profile or bio has a link to your professional website. These people come to your website to look for the confirmation for the questions they have in their mind. 


Have you thought about your website this way? Most haven’t.


1. The first purpose of your website is to clearly answer to the questions people have who come to visit your website. 


2. The second purpose of your website is to lead the positively affirmed prospects to become convinced that you can solve their problem in a way that makes sense to them. They want to buy your services and products.



Cold-calling or getting leads automatically?

How are you generating leads? Do you like cold calling strangers? Few does.


Your business website is the place where you collect information of your leads. 


People come to your website for your goodwill content that they saw. Your content solved their problem, or gave an impression that you could help them. 


You have solution to their problem and answers to their questions.


People will only give their information and join your email list if you provide something valuable in exchange – further educating them to help them solve their problems. 


For your content to work, you need to stay on one main topic, and seamlessly connect that with your website. Simple works.


Keep your message clear and congruent. This way your website can work as an automatic lead generator week to week.


Putting it all together

Websites are comprised of images, pictures, videos and text. Some elements are interactive, such as a form your leads can fill in and send to you. 


Most website builders can fully replace a web designer by offering visually pleasing drag-and-drop modules to build pages. And that’s ok, for an average website looks nice and not much more.


But if you want your website do more than look like an average WordPress site with a nice theme, you need a web designer who understands the sales process, the buyer psychology and your brand in a way, that the right message is also delivered to your visitor when he or she arrives on your website.

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I need a sales funnel for my online business

If you agree with the above, can’t really argue with you. Any online business is going to multiply their leads and sales by using smart, effective funnels, yours too. 


Sales funnel is a simple concept of few steps how a random person online who sees your content ends up becoming your client with a sustainable relationship.



Read more about sales funnels

Reference work

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Web Design Service

web design for gamers

Turn your website into an automatic lead generator.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • Time it takes to build a website is about 30 to 120 hours depending on many factors.
  • I charge by the hour, invoiced monthly
  • I mainly use WordPress and Elementor to build websites
  • Yes, I can host and maintain the website for a yearly fee
  • No, I don’t take pictures for your website
  • Yes, I can edit and use pictures, video and media you send me
  • No, I don’t develop complex features 
  • Yes, I can use plugins and platforms that allow the use of complex features, ie. web shop
  • Yes, I can fortify your WordPress against hacks and install SSL & firewall
  • Yes, you have full access to everything on your own website, and it’s easy to edit and update


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