Web Design service


Professional, yet simple to manage

No time to build a website yourself?

A converting website is the cornerstone of your business.

It gives your brand authority and generates leads. 


What if your site looked something like this?

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What happens in a website building project

The goal is to create a business website for you that attracts, engages and converts warm traffic to buy your products and services.


The key elements in the design are

  • Clear message
  • User-friendly and light website
  • Interesting and valuable content  

When a visitor lands to your website, he will find the solution to the problem he has, and enough information about the solution to make an informed decision.


Then he can contact you or opt-in to your email list – The website does it’s job to grow your business. 

Reference work

Here are two reference websites I have built, click to visit the sites.

General outlay of a website project

  • Contact me by email using the form below, and describe your idea about the website 
  • You will get a reply with an outlay of a plan and estimate of the cost
  • We discuss about the plan and see if we will work together or not 
  • If yes, you will get the first version of the home page 
  • Then all the other pages
  • After that we discuss and reiterate until the website is complete
  • All technical aspects will be handled for you
  • You get introduced to the back-office to write blog posts and edit the pages
  • You get email support to help you manage the site
  • Ideally the project is concluded in less than 30 days
  • Until the end of 2021 my rate is $59 per hour ex. VAT
  • The range of hours of a project is usually between 30 and 160 hours.
  • Yearly hosting fee $99 (first 12 months free).

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Technical details

  • The website is built on WordPress platform using Elementor page builder
  • The domain and hosting are provided by OVH (data centers in US & EU)
  • 100 GB cloud storage on FTP connection
  • 5 email addresses with your domain
  • SSL protection for the website
  • Anycast DNS included

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