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1 billion hours worth of YouTube videos are watched every day¹. 167 million videos are seen on TikTok every minute². Every business and brand who want to have an active online presence must have video content.

Maybe you are already making videos, but you have realized the hard truth:


If you are running a solo business, or a small team, or you are the person responsible for social media marketing and community management, you know one thing for sure; your time is hard-pressed.


Video production in reality

Not only do you need to come up with ideas, set up your scene, shoot videos and hope that the sound quality is good enough – THEN – you need to upload the files on your video editor and start putting the clips together in some logical order.


Once the first edit is done, then you need to fine-tune the editor sequence with J cuts and L cuts to make it smoother. Add a couple of Zoom cuts and transitions, too.


Next, it’s time for overlay texts, animations, graphics and other VFX and SFX to add more oomph to your content. Finally, in the last phase it’s time to do final adjustments for grading and set the volume. Now to render the sequence – WAIT, is this for vertical short? Render again. 


At the final, the final clip might be less than 2 minutes long. And the editing takes you 4 hours to complete – time you could have used doing something else. SOUNDS FAMILIAR? Oh shoot, did I forget the B-roll…



When problems arise

How about the time your audio was corrupted and you had to somehow glue together camera and mic audio to have a coherent whole. 


Or when you couldn’t find the the one clip because you had three folders full of material. Browsing, searching, sorting, editing, compositing to see that too many hours have passed.




Video editing as a service

Save your time and energy to focus on the creative, the business and all priorities that actually make a difference.


Instead of stopping to make videos, outsource the video editing to save time. Get finished videos ready to be uploaded on your social media channels.


We can use shared Google Drive folder for your project files for easy access from anywhere.


More information per request.


Video Effects - VFX

How to add a laser beam to your toy gun? How to put an explosion behind the green screen character? Animated texts? Graphs? 3D?


Do you want to make your videos pop out with better VFX? 


Read more about VFX

Video Editing Service

video editing service

Turn your videos into high-quality content to engage your audience and save your time!

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’m using HitFilm Express for video editing with custom HD 1080p render settings for artifact-free final renders
  • Turnover time per agreement
  • I can further edit and fix your audio files
  • Hourly rate

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