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Strong Social Media Marketing Strategy starts with useful content.

Creating consistent, valuable and engaging content on social media is no easy feat. But even with limited time and simple production, you can create valuable content to your target audience.

Valuable content for your audience

To grow an audience, follow the ASQ Strategy

ASQ Stands for Answer Specific Questions.

Let’s say you are a painter, and know all about paints. Instead of just trying to sell your services and products, simply show to people, how to paint things, what they need to know, which products works best in different environments and so on.


This way you are solving some problems they might have. They might like, share and save your valuable posts for later use. These signals tell the social media algorithms that your content has high engagement, and it will be promoted more.


One good post is not enough, though. Social medias live on fresh content, so to get seen, you also need consistency. One video, short, tweet, post or article per week is a good minimum to start with.

Free distribution - Free marketing

Social media has unending supply of people and potential clients. And there’s more room for your business.


Posting content on regular basis that is relevant to the target audience is the simple key to success on social media platforms.


When such organic content is combined with aligned and relevant promotions, the formula is complete. 


The big understated secret about social media is the free distribution to potentially reach millions of people – allowing free marketing – and the endless supply of people.


With smart Social Media Marketing Strategy and schedule – you can start to take steps building a community, brand, and active presence on social media platforms.


Why? Well, social media marketing can bring goodwill to your reputation, steadily growing your audience, and trickling down warm prospects to your website, inbox and your doorstep.


Over time, your brand will become the go-to place for your expertise, products and services.


Buzzing Social Media Marketing

Let’s not be like the others! Most business content is calculated, boring and cringy.


As a result, the organic reach is low. The algorithms reward and display content that makes people react and engage!


Average social media user wants to see something cool, chuckle for a meme or save a piece of valuable advice. The content has to follow the rules of the platform.

Social media content has to be useful or entertaining, relevant, reference the modern culture, see connections, be fast, adaptable, fun and relatable.

Can you make it work?

Social media marketing and content marketing are extremely powerful marketing tools for any business when done right.


The secret alchemy of good content is pattern-interrupt.

Most content is quickly swiped or skipped, so you have less than 3 seconds to show something that catches attention. First impression counts. 


You can use a technique what copywriters call a dog whistle. Get the right audience by calling them out by name. Like ‘Hey programmers, I have this new coding software that makes coding so much easier, let me show how!’


It’s a simple example, but really helps to call the attention to your target audience. Get to the point as fast as possible!


Social media marketing works when you tell stories that your target audience can relate to. It works when you have good energy. It works when it feels personal and organic. 



Social Media Marketing service

The simple fact is that most businesses are still not using Social Media Marketing at all, or they are very poor at producing content. It does take time and effort, but you can stand out.


There is a way to make the content work and the effort worth it. 


We can create together smart goals and a social media strategy for your brand that generates good buzz and traffic to your store.


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Social Media Marketing Service

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