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You have Instagram account? OK. You have Facebook business profile? OK. You have LinkedIn business profile? Great! How many people like your posts? 


Yeah, let’s face it. 


Creating valuable, engaging content on social media on a continuous basis is no easy feat. But you don’t want to be like most businesses, who are in denial about their social media marketing ignorance.


Having an account in a bank doesn’t make you rich. 

Likewise, having a profile in social media doesn’t make you popular or famous. You need to do something with it.






Free distribution – Free marketing – Unlimited supply


While seemingly hard to do and maintain, social media marketing beats PPC’s and display ads every day.


PPC is simply the last resort money dump for businesses who don’t dare to actually create any meaningful brand – but instead opts for ‘set it and forget it’ strategy.


With smart Social Media Marketing Strategy and schedule – you can start to take steps building a community, brand, and active presence on social media platforms.


Why? Well, social media marketing can bring goodwill to your reputation, steadily growing your audience, and trickling down warm prospects to your website, inbox and your doorstep.


Making content that slaps


Most business content is dead-boring. Careful, calculated and dull shovelfuls of dry dust. No risk, no flair.


But we don’t see those posts or videos. No one ever does, and that is the point.


The engines that sorts social media content for users active hide the boring 99% of all posts. Only the top 1% cream is ever seen.


That’s why any business who wants to ‘do TikTok’, cannot do it with its formulated left-brain dullness. Or it will fail hard.


Social media content has to be relevant, reference the modern culture, see connections, be fast, adaptable, fun and relatable.




Cautionary tale


A while back I was interviewed for a remote part-time publicist role for an educational entity. They wanted a professional social media specialist to take over what they were doing. They said it wasn’t working. 


During the interview I found out that they did have a social media person couple of years ago, but had to let him/her go. 


I didn’t get the job (I was glad afterwards), but I did check their Instagram profile. And what did I find?!


Last Christmas they had posted an image every day, like a Christmas calendar. It lacked any context. There was simply a random series of 24 stock photos, combined with an unrelated overlay text of a education program.


Scrolling to previous year, I found the same idea repeated. No context. 24 random stock photos with unrelated overlay text. About 6 likes.


Scrolling two years back, I found the original. The social media person had tried to create a new idea and tie it together with their services (educational programs) with some intention and effort. 


The only thing this educational entity managed to do after, was to poorly copy what was done before, losing the original idea and missing the point. This Christmas they probably do the same, showing a complete lack of creativity. And zero growth.



Social Media Marketing service


The point of the previous true story is that most businesses don’t have A CLUE what to do on social media. Unconscious parroting is mostly fruitless.


If you want to take a RISK, then let’s build your brand on social media with STRATEGY and SMART GOALS. That is the only way you have a chance, but the rewards are also very lucrative.


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