Smart marketing

To get more clients.

Markus Hietanen has been working in advertising, marketing and online media since 2006. Experienced graphic designer, sound technician, web designer, SEO writer and online security specialist, he started SCRIIV in 2016 to employ himself, and shifted to full-time in 2020, after working 15 years in multiple industries and international companies. 

Everyone has the potential to make a million.
They just don't know how.

It’s incredibly easy to get distracted, confused and clueless with online marketing.

Where to get your next client?

Is your social media content good enough?
Why is no one coming to your website?

What does it take to make it work?


Marketing doesn’t have to be complex or difficult.
It starts with a good strategy.


You need conviction.
Trust and value.


Solution to a problem.
The right audience.


Path to follow.
An offer with no risk.


Checkout & Value ladder.
Great delivery.


Referral bonus.
Email list.


Let’s make marketing smart.

Markus Hietanen

Markus Hietanen

Media Creative, Turning words into money

How does Scriiv do Digital Marketing?

Working remotely, people leaving their jobs en masse, and the creator economy has opened a new opportunity for anyone to start their own online business. Now more than ever.

And there are thousands of niches to choose from. The sheer size of online business allows people to find new angles and positions to create sources of income, be it rendering a service or selling products – all online.

Scriiv wants to serve these new entrepreneurs with their marketing, SEO and business development. With strategic planning and smart management, the content on social media, advertising and website will all benefit from automation and optimization that will turn your brand profitable.

Growth does not, however, happen overnight. The increased supply of everything online has dissolved trust. To earn trust, authority and good will, the aspiring entrepreneur needs consistency and faith!

The hard lesson is that all valuable lessons are learned over time by making mistakes. This is true with everyone on the level they are playing.

Scriiv helps you to build brand equity that lasts, and generates clients and sales for years. Everything worth doing is worth doing well.

From web design to SEO services, we will take your sales process and business strategy to a new level.

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What does 'scriiv' mean?

I’m a language nerd 🙋🏼‍♂️

Scriiv is a stylized form of *skribh- which is the reconstructed Proto-Indo-European root that originally meant cutting and separating.


Now, in most Indo-European languages, this root means to write. For billions of people, in hundreds of words.

For example, in English the words script, scribe, prescription and describe all come from the same stem.

I chose the word because I am a writer, a scrivener. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to find out more.