Hey skipper!


Become a
port of call
for new clients
with a website
that works like
a siren for sailors!

Better website & higher conversion. Guaranteed.

Your website can top the competition and become the Flying Dutchman, reaching another level with more traffic, higher conversion rates and more inbound calls for your business.

Stop sinking now. You’ve had enough with low traffic, low ranking on Google search, and low conversion rate. If you have been standing on the shore and just hoping to get on the high seas with full sails for this long, there is still hope!


If you can’t catch fish, don’t blame the sea. – Corsican proverb

Hey, I get it. 

Navigating the waters of online business can make you feel overwhelmed by the sheer size of the digital ocean. It’s a problem most businesses have.



If you are not one of the best, you’re nobody. Recent study shows that nearly 40% of all search traffic in Google click through the first organic search result. Next 3 positions gather combined 36% of clicks. And the paid spots get less than 4%. What a waste of money!



If your website is not in Top 4 results for your main keyword, your ship is adrift in mist. Getting on the top rank is the first buoy for your business to convert new clients.

What if… you could break surface, and rise to the top, becoming a legendary commander with your fleet ruling the online trade in your industry?



What if… your website visitors actually liked the business website and used the contact information to contact you?



What if… your business doubled in the next 12 months, thanks to focused effort to explore the uncharted seas and islands, seeking the treasures of your target audience?


If you ally with SCRIIV to build your online presence stronger, you can

  • Claim your spot on the first page search results in Google
  • Organically reach tens of thousands of potential customers
  • Get MORE traffic with HIGHER conversion rate
  • Generate clients who keep coming back
  • Have it all automated, working for you 24/7

Stunning Results


One of my clients had hired an expensive design company to build a new and fancy website for their leading business in maritime retail in Mediterranean. But they ended up being lost on page 4 in Google search! The website was getting virtually no traffic! The user experience was, kindly put, horrible, and the mobile version was unusable.



By working with me, they first reached page two, and soon after claimed the second spot on Google search for their main keyword, increasing their traffic by over 400%. We completely rebuilt the website. Now the Ship supplier’s website has constant, recurring traffic, high conversion rate and Google’s knowledge graph for their business information on the 1st search results page, enjoying the same prestige online this company has earned offline.


Do you want the same?

take the helm and sail after the spanish gold galleon!

What your website needs to be seaworthy is BRAND CONSULTING.


If we are a good fit, we will do a THOROUGH inspection of your online ship.

That means, writing in the log where we currently are, and where we are headed.

Then we will set a goal, and figure out how to reach it.


This kind of project encompasses everything, and makes everything BETTER.

+ Your Google Ranking
+ Your Website Design and UX
+ Your Content Keywords
+ Your Website Speed and Optimization
+ Your Landing Pages and Offers
+ Your Brand Graphic Guideline
+ Your Social Media Content
+ Your Email Marketing

If you are tired of clogging the wholes of a sinking ship, and want to get some improved results instead, take action now.

I, as a quartermaster in branding, work only with 2 new clients per month, as the work is intensive and usually takes 30-90 days. That means the faster you contact me and reserve your spot, the earlier we get to work together.

On top of the things mentioned before, I will help your business to create printed material, graphic templates, signs, flyers, posters, branded items, social media strategy and all parts of the brand’s visual image. Additionally, I can help you run ads on Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms.

Throw a lucky man in the sea, and he will come up with a fish in his mouth. Saudi Arabian proverb

This service might not be for you, if you are not ready to invest to grow your business. But you wouldn’t be here, if you were looking a ‘free’ solution.


By now you are surely wondering how much such a service will cost.



Let’s sum the project up:

  • Redesign of your business website, value €3,999
  • Content & technical optimization for Google, value €4,899
  • Business branding; copy & design, value €6,799

In total the value of the branding consultation project is €15,697.

What if you could get the value for much less?


How about a startup fee of €599, and after charging €100 per hour, invoiced monthly, as we customize the project to match your needs to get the desired results.


To work together, we will use video meetings, email and other convenient communication methods.


Typical project takes 60-120 hours to complete.

Get aboard before the ship sails! 

I’m constantly working with my existing clients, and have only 1-2 spots
available a month for new clients. 


If we are not a good match, you will lose your spot on the waiting list. Therefore, it’s advisable that you contact me as soon as possible for a free consultation call where we figure out does it make sense to work together.

To mitigate the risk of your investment, I offer a guarantee that makes sure you will be better off in any scenario

If your website does not reach a higher position and grow in traffic, I’ll work for free until it does. That’s a promise. You have your hands full to keep the ship on course. What you need, is a simple solution to make your business attract more clients, guaranteed.

If you are interested in hearing how we can improve your business, click the button to book a free 30-minute consultation call to get a clear picture what we can do together.

The waiting list is getting longer. While my main focus is with businesses and professionals that are in the marine and construction industry, I also help companies and personal brands in other fields. Simply put, there’s limited availability. If you keep thinking too long, it might be months away before getting the results you are after.

This is about making your business the port of call to an influx of new clients and customers, who find your business easily, fall in love with your service and products, and stay as your clients for years to come. This is your opportunity to catch up with the competition and find new trade routes for your business.

Markus Hietanen copywri

Markus Hietanen has been working in advertising, marketing and online media since 2006. Experienced graphic designer, sound technician, web designer, SEO writer and online security specialist, he started SCRIIV in 2016 to employ himself, and shifted to full-time in 2020, after working 15 years in multiple industries and international companies.

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