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Forget PPC! Studies show that top advertised spots only get 4% of the search traffic. You are paying for breadcrumbs. Organic, evergreen SEO will give better results.

Search engine optimization, SEO is simple!

But few people do it right. Here’s my shortlist to SEO success:


1. You need to find the right main keyword for your website by doing research.

Best tools: SEMrushAHREFSGoogle Keyword toolGoogle Trends.


2. Compile also a list of semantic, secondary keywords to support the main keyword.

Same tools. Use for more ideas. 


3. Create a chart of your site map to have a logical keyword map.

Lucid chart allows you to make few charts for free.


4. Create a home page or parent page with the main keyword.

The longer the better – as long as you are offering a real value, not repetitive fluff.


5. Create a ‘nest’ of linked articles around the main keyword by using the secondary keywords as the main topics.

Make these pages also at least 500-words in lenght.


6. Optimize every page by using optimization plugins and tools. Add structured data.

Tools: AIOSEO for WordPress, SEOQuake for browser.


7. Optimize speed with CDN and caching.

Plugins: Jetpack free CDN, SuperCache for WordPress. +Page Speed Insights.

8. Set Google Business Profile and add all information.

Ask your clients to give you good reviews on Google Maps.



SEO - Complicated and boring?

For some people, this list above might give a jolt of inspiration to start ranking in Google! For others, they might dread the seemingly technical toiling waiting to be done.



I get it. SEO is somewhat boring to do. Some people like it. 


Effective SEO could double your website traffic

One of my clients had a website from 2014. Their Google ranking was abysmal. For their main keyword they were buried on the second page, on 14th position.


I updated the site to use WordPress and optimized the content for SEO. On their main keyword, they JUMPED in couple of weeks to the second place!


Not only that, but thanks to the structured data, they got the RICH RESULTS, with featured information panel on the right side of the search results.


For some four other secondary keywords, they also jumped on first page. These improvements more than doubled their traffic instantly, and keeps bringing them more traffic and clients today.


DIY SEO for small business

Thanks to the free tutorials on YouTube, and the free tools and plugins available today – you can great results in few weeks with consistent work.


Follow only one path! If you are a beginner, check the AHREFS channel on YouTube and follow their tutorials, they teach you everything you need to know!


Don't feel like spending that time on SEO?

If you want a seasoned SEO specialist to take a look at your website, I can do that.



In fact, SEO is an integral part of good web design and copywriting. Any web designer or copywriter would agree on this. That’s why SEO is already integrated on my web design and copywriting services on every level.


By that I mean evergreen, best-practices-SEO that will work whatever algorithm update Google might throw on the virtual search speedway.


If you want me to to turbo-charge your site performance, contact me today and let’s talk about it.


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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • SEO means Search Engine Optimization: Making your site more relevant for Google to serve it higher in the search results for its users on search terms that are related to your business
  • Yes, I can do mobile optimization
  • Yes, I can do speed optimization
  • Yes, I can connect and use Analytics & Search Console etc.

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