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You might feel frustrated how difficult it seems to get more traffic on your website and by a low conversion rate. It seems like you need ‘a windfall’ to get ahead!


What if you could create a windfall yourself with a smart strategy that can grow your online results by 300% ?


In this article I promise to show you how you can start getting better results by combining together few key techniques that guarantee your wins.

No-one told you?

Your website is supposed to be near the end of your sales process, where leads and prospects turn into paying clients and customers, on continuous basis.


If it’s not doing that, your funnel and website need to apply the Windfall method to improve your results.


Like collecting ripe, golden apples falling from the tree with a bucket, you should be enjoying the benefit of having an automated lead generator working for you 24/7 with lowest possible maintenance.


The bleak reality for most business websites is that they are producing close to nothing 24/7. Weak systems have leaks and very little output.


I don’t care if other approaches did not work for you before. This one will.


Arm yourself with the Windfall Method

The Windfall Method will get you unexpected, positive results.

And how it works is quite easy.


  • Your traffic will increase, because your website’s top-level optimization will relentlessly push your site higher and higher on Google
  • Your automatic lead generation system will work like a rigged slot machine to bring wins on every spin
  • Your conversion rate will hit new highs and stay up!

-> When put together, your funnel will generate leads every week, every month.


Does it happen by the snap of your fingers? No, of course not. But once the Windfall system starts picking up speed after a couple of months, you’ll be amazed how much windfall traffic you’ll be getting.


Smart strategy to get ahead

In its most simplistic form, the Windfall method is the following formula




The reason why you haven’t been getting satisfying results is that either SEO, Copy or both are missing.


When SEO and copywriting are done in the right way, two key factors start working together:

  1. SEO starts driving real organic traffic to your site
  2. COPY captivates the visitor and multiplies the conversion rate

As a result, you get higher number of quality traffic, with higher conversion rate, multiplying the effect!


For a simple example, say, you normally get 100 visitors per week to your site, and with your current 1% conversion rate, you get one client per week.


With windfall method, in two months you will be getting 200 visitors per week and 2% of them will become your clients, meaning 4 clients per week.


Following the Windfall method, your business does not simply double, but is quadrupled!


Soon, instead of a traffic problem, you’ll have a staffing problem!

Why this works?

Now you might be thinking that this cannot work. It’s just too simple, or you’ve tried it already. Obviously, you’ve tried copywriting and SEO, haven’t you?


Heck, you might even be paying for PPC for Google Ads!

Well, what was presented in the above is the most basic formula without any of its intricacies.


The key components in Windfall method formula are first, creating a great copy, and second, fully optimize the website for search engines.


But we are missing a secret ingredient: Testing.


Once we set up the SEO, funnel and website to increase the traffic, then we start A/B testing the copy week by week by using Google Optimize tool.


Why this works?

Before you get carried away, please remember that SEO alone wont’ work. Copywriting alone won’t work. A/B testing alone won’t work.


If you only get SEO right, but copy does not grab the visitors and make them click, your results are weak. If you only get copywriting right, but you got no traffic, barely anyone will see your great offer. And doing A/B testing on a business website that has low traffic and weak copy is like fishing on your bathtub.

Finding the wind

How to find and harness the wind to get consistent windfall wins? 

After ranking your website high enough on Google with smart and optimized content, it’s time to start watching the weather vane. By wind I mean traffic, if I may.


The first copy will be the reference point, and from there, each iteration of copy will tell you hints and tips how to further optimize your landing page to lift the conversion rate into the windfall category.


When done consistently and meticulously, the optimized copy can double the conversion rate.

Multipliers of success

Once you start getting more traffic and higher conversion rates, your website will continue ranking higher in a positive cycle, because Google will see you as an authority.


Once this cycle starts, you can start adding optimized content to catch additional keywords and more traffic, suddenly scaling up the potential traffic!


And when this happens, it’s worth the effort to inch closer to top 3 ranking for your main keywords to tap into the REAL traffic, converting higher numbers into clients.


But this is all in the future. First you need momentum with Windfall method to see your first increased results.


This is what you came for – START NOW!

By now you should be excited and ready to start implementing the Windfall method in a strategic and smart way that will guarantee better results in next two months and beyond.


Are you ready to start? Go back to the start and grab the detailed PDF to follow the Windfall method step by step. Go through the guide and use the included checklist at the end to make sure you will see improved results.

The Windfall method is a 100% free strategy to dramatically improve your online business, in whatever field or industry. 


When you sign up, alongside your PDF guide, you’ll be getting 10 additional emails once per week, that will stress-test and strengthen your new online lead generating system.

Secret about PPC everyone should know

Google AdWords has been around for a long time now. Many businesses that want online results opt to use an SEM agency to do PPC, pay-per-click, for them.


In effect, they are paying for keywords to appear on the top of search results, (with the subline Sponsored)

But what most business owners do not care to know, is that these paid positions collect only meager ~4% of the first page clicks.


That means the first organic position gets about 10-times more clicks that the 3-4 paid spots combined FOR FREE!


Is that smart marketing? Do these companies actually calculate the cost of client acquisition from PPC?


Not only paying for each click, these business owners also have to pay a retainer for the agency, that can range from 200 to 2,000 dollars per month for small companies! Much more for bigger!


I’m just pointing this out to be aware of the discrepancy.

Making sure to get it right

While I’m confident and firm believer in your ability to follow the guide to enjoy the benefits of applying the Windfall method to your website, YOU might know that you don’t have TIME to do it yourself. Or maybe some of it, but not all.

Or you know that it’s easier if I can personally guide you along the way.


That’s fine. That’s why I’m here. However, as the demand is quickly growing for this method, it will be harder for you to get my personal consultation.


In fact, at the moment you can be one of the two clients per month that are accepted to help you fully implement the Windfall method and make sure you get real results.


Your time is valuable, and while I want to help as many people for free as possible, my time is also valuable. That means the last thing we want to do together is to waste each others time.


The guarantee is that my consultation is 100% refundable if we get no results in the first month. Even if I know that this method works, there are unknown and unpredictable factors. So, it’s fair for you to get a full refund if our work does not bear fruit.

Like collecting golden apples to a bucket

If you read this far, you might be in the second category of people, who do not rush to use the Windfall method on their own, but want someone to help them on their way.

When we work together and get ready for a windfall, we make sure that you:

  • have a bucket ready
  • are under the right tree
  • catch strong winds

These are obviously allegories to your sales process, target audience and SEO, respectively. When done right, your bucket will be full once a gust of wind blows.


In other terms, we are going to audit and analyze your ranking, website, sales process, user experience, copywriting, positioning, offer and value ladder to grab all the opportunities that are currently left on the table. 

Standing at the end of a queue?

You’d probably want to start working together sooner than later, as the available spots are very limited. And I’m not saying that to sound braggy or anything, just to let you know that one-man boutique consultation business can only handle a handful of clients at any time.


That’s why I’d recommend reading the next section carefully.

Schedule a consultation call

Schedule now one of my 4 allotted consultation spots for this/next week, to start the project as soon as possible.

You can do that by clicking the button below that says click me.


Great. If you do, we get to talk for a bit (about 30 minutes) to get to know you, what you want to achieve, and what you are working on.


In this video meeting we’ll find out if we make a good match for a windfall method project, and it generally makes sense. I will also disclose the details of the pricing and timeline for the project. But don’t expect me to work free.


By the way, the consultation call does not contain any selling or any pressure to buy. We are simply talking and I’m trying to help you.


You should also take note of the following time-limited offer:


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What happens if you don’t take action now?

Are you one of those people who warms up to an idea, gets excited about it for few hours, might do some planning – and then simply forget it before running after some other idea?


The thing is that ideas are easy, but actual change has friction. I get it! I know, I’m like that sometimes, too!


The point is that you might read all this, think about with some enthusiasm and hope, download the PDF, but forget it in your downloads folder.


Has that happened to you before? Distractions and priorities taking your attention?


To drive this home, for your success you should commit and be accountable to follow through. It doesn’t help to download guides if you don’t use them.


If you don’t follow this method, your website will stay the same, your traffic will stay the same, and your conversion rate will stay the same. Given some fluctuation, of course.


How long will you chase your tail?


Windfall method in summary

To summarize what Windfall method is:

It’s a formula of great copy and top SEO, continuously improved with testing and funnel optimization.

It’s main benefit for you is the multiplier effect of higher traffic + higher conversion rate, which turns into more clients, more sales, and more profit.


You can implement it yourself to your website by downloading the guide and following it step by step to get all the benefits.


In addition, you will get smart tips outside of the guide in your email every week to improve your system even further.


If you are a bootstrapping, self-employed hero, grab it for free to make some more money! Go back up by clicking this.


If you are a busy business owner, who requires more personalized help, book a consultation call to get you started. Book the call by clicking this.


The change is in you

The Windfall method works for any business, any industry and for every special case. 


Even if you disagree now, and think that your business is different and you’ve tried everything. 


Give it a shot, doesn’t cost you a penny, and can give you multiplied results in month’s time. Go ahead and grab the PDF!