Video transcription:

Hi! Today I’m going to talk about why I started building my own brand. 

This goes pretty deep, so bear with me. 

I think the purpose of life is to find out who you are and grow up to be yourself. 

One of my favorite books is Psycho-cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. 

In the book he paints the following mental picture:

Imagine a box that represents your full potential; everything you can be. It has a certain size. 

Now imagine another box inside it. This box is your self-image; your beliefs about yourself, about your capabilities and talents.

it is smaller than the outer box, but how much? 

What is the uncovered potential you’re not using? 

What are you really capable of, if you start stretching that boundary? 


For me building my own brand, creating my own content, and developing my own business is stretching those limits I currently have. 


I don’t know how much I can stretch. But if I don’t try it, I will never know, and I have to live with the regret. 


Now reaching 35 years of age makes me very self-aware that my time to do certain things is limited. 


Will i wait longer to try out things I always wanted to do? 

Why not do it now? 


However, there is a question that is much more profound than all the ones I just presented. 


This question comes from the co-developer of NLP, a certain man called Richard Bandler, and it goes like this: 


When we get older, we often tend to start laughing at life, because we see through all the vanities and the absurdity of it all. So why not start sooner?

Why not start laughing sooner? We are living with the handbrake on if we take things too seriously and care about what others think.

It doesn’t matter what others think because they are only thinking what others think about them. 

To care about the opinion of others is just social programming that keeps everyone in line and bored to death. 


One good reminder is to compare earth to sun, and the sun to a dog star or any bigger ball on the endless universe. 


Our existence is not that important. 


That is why we should have fun instead of being cynical or frustrated, although I’m not above that myself. 


I struggle with the same issues as everyone else, like mumbling, but I have decided to break from the mold. 


Staying at home with my parents for more than a year has been like this incubation period for me to start really exploring my capabilities and rethink all my previous plans. 


And now I’m getting ready. Whatever happens, I can say that I tried and if I fail, no one cares! No one remembers! 


See you tomorrow!