Yes! This is the Business Strategy page I’m referring to in my Business Strategy videos.

Business Strategy – long-term view instead of daily tactics

Stretch goals

1- Large following online 

2- Automated income & client generator

Smart goals

1- Large following online

  1. Vehicles: Use my channel as the vehicle to get attention and experience, and to build trust;  personal brand.
  2. Leverage: Leverage popularity of the brand by interviewing and being interviewed in podcasts and joining the conversation in the creator economy space.
  3. Plot device: Write a book about overcoming the mental barriers; releasing the brakes and becoming independent. This is your motive.

First Phase videos: 

”Find your vehicle” Business strategy part 1/3
”Jump on your leverage” Business strategy part 2/3
”Bring your plot device” Business strategy part 3/3
+Publish this business strategy on your blog and mention it on each video and add a link


2- Automated client & income generator

  1. The Ladder:
    1. Use tempting lead magnets and offers to drive traffic to your website
      1. Personal Brand Game, Business Strategy, etc.

  1. Lead people to buy online courses from you.
    • Building a personal brand
    • Marketing & SEO
    • Consulting
  2. Website: Lead clients to buy your services with compelling copy. (This is what I got, this is what you get, this is what to do next.)
  3. Gamify the steps up and offer rewards for people who become part of your tribe. Online community Discord/FB/etc. Designation and Insignia. Brand merchandise.

  1. The Help:
    1. Once enough money starts rolling in, recruit people for delegating your tasks. Examples: Virtual assistant, customer help. Photographer. Programmer, Graphic designer.

Note for the reader:

This plan gets tweaked occasionally. You can give your best stuff for free, because you are helping others. Forget competition, live from abundance.