Sales Funnels

Lead your leads to buy

Business website is not just a website. It’s purpose is to catch new leads and generate new clients for you on a continuous basis.


This is achieved by building a sales funnel.


What is a sales funnel and why?

The funnel concept is the following:


First, cold audience sees your ad or content online. This is the top of the funnel.

Second, most people simply scroll past and forget you. But a fraction of viewers enters into your sales funnel.


This could mean they watch more of your content.

Or they click a button or link in your ad, and land on your website.


When they enter to your website, they are in the middle of the funnel.

This section is critical, if you want to make money with your website.


Now you need to give them a reason to give you their name and email address. Best way to elicit this information is by giving them something of value in exchange.


Offer a hot lead magnet

You are an expert in your field. And you know what the biggest issues are for your clients.


How about you create a PDF and a video that gives them valuable information so they can make better informed decisions?


If you offer this in exchange for their name and email, you could be collecting dozens of contact details every month!



Email marketing

What to do with names and emails?



You could provide them with more information that they will find useful. How to fix a thing, what to watch out for when doing a job.


For example, 5 automated emails, sent once per week, with a free tip and a call-to-action to grab your offer. And one email every week thereafter.


Simple is better

While building a sales funnel might sound complicated, it really isn’t.


Let’s build one that fits your business to create an automatic lead generator.


Contact me to have a talk about your idea for your business.

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