Video transcription:


Hi! I’m Mark, if you’re new.  


This is my vlog of getting ready, I have about 50 odd days left, and this time I want to talk about a runway. 


A runway is a strip of asphalt where airplanes take off. Every plane rolls on the starting position and start running their engines. 


For a successful takeoff every plane has a checklist. You need to check the flaps, the navigation system, gas, batteries, ac, – everything has to be ticked in order to get a green light, and lift the large and heavy structure up in the air successfully. 


When all the boxes are ticked, the throttle is opened and you start hearing this large whirring hum getting louder and louder. 


Now the brakes are released, the plane starts picking up speed, soon reaching the velocity start climbing towards the sky. 


Runway as a metaphor

As you might guess, I’m using the runway here as a metaphor. 


The runway is exactly the same for every plane. It’s an even plane-field. 


It represents the global economy and society. 


The planes are people with their plans and the takeoff represents success, however you want to measure it. And the checklist is a checklist for your plan. 


If you have a heavy plan and you choose to push ahead before ticking all the boxes, you risk running over the runway and crashing. 


You might get up to the air but then tilt to one side and come down as quickly as you want up. 


Before you press the gas you should have the checklist in front of you and tick each box for a successful takeoff. 


Otherwise you’re either playing or actually risking everything. There’s always a risk but a tick in each box lessens the danger. 


How does this apply to anything?

Well, if you want to do something that is above mundane, you need a checklist to improve your odds.


See how others have done the same thing before you and create your own checklist based on their criteria. 


It’s easy to fantasize rosy success and winning, but having a checklist makes you balanced and well prepared. 


Higher altitude in life doesn’t mean less problems, it just means different kind of problems that you need to be aware of. 


Building a business is a similar endeavor. For me that means learning by reading and watching to create my own plan and create the checklist to take off all the boxes that allows me to lift off. 


Thankfully a failure in business is not that life-threatening but the metaphor still works. 


Be prepared when the green light turns on.