Promises were made - Log 7th March

Transcription of the video

High time for an update!


For anyone new or all subscribers, I want to thank you for following my channel.


To recap what these videos are about; I’m currently building my business here in Finland, and these are a documentation of me learning the ropes to create a sustainabl online business that gives me a good income and gives me an independence, that’s pretty much it.


I’ve had my business now for six months, it’s 7th of march 2021 and finally I’m earning some money after a slow start.


In the end of this video, I will reveal my true motivation of being an entrepreneur so watch until the end.


What has happened in the last months and before?

My venture for Redbubble lasted for two weeks. I did a handful of designs and generated zero sales.

That was fun but unproductive.


For me, I think it’s a waste of time, but for anyone who loves to make graphics and designs it can be a very good side income; additional income.


And if you’re lucky and come up with something clever that people like, it can actually become a real salary.


Anyway, I’m not going to talk anymore about POD (Print-on-demand) or Redbubble for now, and focus on things that actually make me money.


At the moment my paid work comes exclusively from developing websites, but I’m going to start soon to film videos online courses about building websites with WordPress and doing SEO. I will do them in Finnish because recently I opened a business account in Holvi.


That is a Finnish service that provides small businesses with business account with invoicing, with bookkeeping, with a Mastercard and also you have the option of opening your own web shop where their payment gateway is connected to this web shop.


Everything is very streamlined and easy to use and that’s what I’m going to do with the online courses. This service is available in Austria, Germany, Finland, Netherlands, and Ireland so if you’re looking for a solution for bookkeeping, for a business account, for web shop; this is a good option.


I’m not affiliated but thus far it seems to be a very nice technology that is modern and makes it very easy for a new business to handle these legal and tax related responsibilities, and in Finland they even take care of your VAT payments. I don’t know if this is available in other countries.


Burden of keeping the books


Anyway, just a couple of weeks ago I had to do my own books like financial statement and a balance sheet for an application.


That was so time consuming and confusing that i don’t want to do it again. Thankfully I found a local accounting firm that helped me tremendously to get it sorted. Five stars. 


Some people are better without counting, but that’s not for me, so I want it to be as easy as possible.


And as a result, I got an extension for my governmental grant for start-ups for the next six months which will help me to pay the rent for a co-working space that is going to be opened up in the center of my hometown next month.


I’m looking forward to moving in there and start working with other local young entrepreneurs doing similar stuff, so that’s going to be great.


Municipial Elections in Finland 2021 / Volunteering


I’m also doing volunteering for two of my friends who are running for the municipal elections that will be held here probably in June. It’s been a good practice because I’ve been honing my skills for print media, for editing videos, for Facebook…  


For anyone starting a new business it makes sense to do some volunteering work in the beginning, because it will give you exposure, it will give you experience and some of the stuff you can use in your portfolio, on your website and it will open up new opportunities for you in the future.




Besides work I’ve been enjoying the great outdoors and thankfully spring is coming soon.


For some time now I’ve been thinking about making some songs or doing some covers and I asked people in Facebook if they’d want to hear a song.


Now I need to fulfill that promise, because apparently, they do. So I’m working on that.

Leave a comment below if you have a suggestion!


I’m keeping this video short because the last two updates were mammoth long and it took me tremendous time, and nobody wants to watch updates of me babbling about random stuff for, you know, almost 20 minutes.



Some experimental notions from YouTube

For the last video I did not use any text in the thumbnail. It was just my face with the black background and not surprisingly that video got less likes less views than the previous one.


My conclusion; big blocks of text still work in the thumbnail so make it appealing. Think of it as a cover of a book.


Another thing is the amazing feedback I’ve been getting for my HitFilm tutorial video. People are giving wonderful comments and liking the video, so it really pays to make videos where you help people to solve a problem, and communicate with them in the comment section when they ask questions. Lesson learned.


Making that video took me about 30 minutes and by far it’s the most watched video on my channel. Check it out if you haven’t already.



Why do I want to be an entrepreneur?


Okay, the last thing. Why do I want to be an entrepreneur?

Why am I building my own business? What is the purpose?


The world will be in a rough tumble for the next few years and my goal is to make enough money to buy a farm in a remote countryside, and become as self-sustainable as possible.


By building a business I have a better chance of actually saving some money instead of being stuck with the static salary – here it is.


I don’t know how long it will take, but independence and getting out of the system are my long-term goals.


Thank you for reading, please like the video. Thumbs up makes me smile, and stay tuned for any upcoming content on this channel.


Stay healthy and take care!