Improve your SEO 1.0

1- Intro

If you are a beginner in SEO, this is a great guide to improve the ranking of your website in just few hours, and enjoy the benefits for years to come.


SEO, search engine optimization, might sound like something that only advanced programmers and mystical data wizards can do.


But in reality, anyone can improve their ranking in Google quite easily.


In fact, SEO can be divided in two categories:

  1. Internal SEO, concerning everything inside your website
  2. External SEO, concerning everyhing outside of your website

The first category, internal SEO, is logically more important and more in your hands, and therefore the place where you should focus on.



Again, internal SEO can be divided in two categories:

  1. Content
  2. Technical aspects

The content means every piece of media found on your website: texts, images, files and videos. The most important thing now and always, is the quality and value of your content. Keywords and semantics are secondary.



The technical aspects mean site hiearchy, loading speed, meta information and other markup snippets that make it easier for search engines to understand, evaluate and index websites.



If you learn how to optimize the content and the few key technical aspects, you are already improving your SEO massively. Advanced SEO only brings back incremental benefit with increasing difficulty.




SEO in 2022 and beyond

Long gone are the days, when keyword stuffing and other tricks were able to fool search engines to get high ranking and drive traffic. Nowadays Google is so smart, that SEO can seriously backfire if you take it too far.




I worked in online casino industry for 5 years as a SEO content writer. Online gambling is arguably the most competitive field of SEO, because it is hugely profitable niche, if you are the best.


During those years, the approach changed drastically, because Google algorithm updates made many of the past tricks useless and even penalized.



I’m sharing this with you, so you will have the right mindset about modern SEO. It’s not tricks, it’s not programming, and it’s not too difficult to master.


Instead, modern SEO is clean, logical and evergreen. Doing it any other way makes no sense.