You read the Quick Guide for Windfall Method! That’s great. I hope you found something useful you can start using in your online business today to improve your results.



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This could be really valuable, so read on…

Ok, let’s say you have now covered all parts of the Windfall method:


  • Your COPY is solid. You write interesting posts, share them on social and get clicks.
  • Your SEO starts to work and you see nice increase in your website visits.
  • Your Testing improves your conversion rate after few iterations.
  • Your Offer makes you the obvious choice for your target audience.

When this happens – you got another problem. Or an opportunity.



Most people don’t buy. Most views, clicks and visits don’t turn into conversions and sales.

You got this far! The marketing machine is working and bringing more quality traffic to your site!



But how can you engage with the warm audience to keep them interested and get some sales?



The answer is by BUILDING A LIST.


Having an EMAIL LIST is probably the most valuable asset you can have for your business. We touched on this on the Quick Guide, but let’s dig deeper.


Your LEAD MAGNET should be placed visibly in front of your website visitors, so they can grab your free offer while you get their email address


Let’s say you have a small niche website and you get 50 visitors per day organically. You have a cool lead magnet that 5 people opt-in every day. You get 5 quality emails daily.


– In one year you will have almost 2,000 people on your list!


Now the next question is obviously, what should you do with your list?




I’m advocating an honest email approach, that talks to the list transparently and openly.


Readers are not dumb. They don’t believe hyperbole and wild claims. They are skeptical and expect to hear the truth – or they’re gone. 


What they will never grow tired of hearing is about what they want.



No idea how to collect emails or send emails to lists?




  1. Add MailChimp or Constant Contract plugin to your WordPress site to collect emails with your lead magnet. They are easy to use. 
  2. Start writing emails 5-7 days a week to your list. Tell them about the things they want to have or do. If that’s a tall order, start with 2 emails per week and ramp up over time.
  3. Write and automate a 7-email sequence to make a great offer for your new subscribers. 
  4. Track results and save the winner emails to use again.
  5. Use interactive emails with quizzes and polls to give your list a say. 
  6. When your list grows to thousands, send segmentation emails to build separate crowds 

Sounds great, but I'm not sure if I can do that...

Like everything, tackle one thing at a time. You will get there over time, and it will pay back the effort in multiples!



Some more words about honest email style.

Even more than average readers, you might get a heavy feeling about emails. A marketing fatigue!



The way to lift all that weight off you and make writing emails easy  is by writing honestly.


Just tell people what you have, what it does, how it helps them, and give them a great offer.



If you feel like you need personal consultation to move forward with any of the steps mentioned in Windfall method or building a list, you can book a free consultation call here.


Markus Hietanen Consultant

Markus Hietanen

Copywriter, SEO specialist