For anyone who is very creative and not so productive

Mark reading notes
Notes ... Endless notes. Did I write this?
I was going through all the documents and notes I had written 2020, and realized I had completely forgotten some of the topics. Heck, I don’t even remember what I wrote one month ago!

That made me realize two things; First, my memory is limited, it can only hold so much. Second, I am losing a lot of valuable content buried in random obscure folders and endless notes in Evernote (2284 and counting in Evernote). 


I’ve been planning and scheming my business since January, and have poured countless thoughts and ideas on Word documents, notebooks and digital journals. 


None of them have any value, because they are private and even worse, I had forget them myself!


The revelation that really struck me was that my daily journaling and creative work were not organized and published – in effect, they were a waste of time. 


Using creativity to your benefit


It’s quite common that I write thousands of words per day in whatever media happens to be at my fingertips.


Anyone who is very creative, cooks up thoughts, ideas, text, images, concepts and all sorts of things every day. But very few of them are ever found anywhere in public. 


Obviously, pouring everything in social media is not what I’m recommending here, but instead, instilling some curation to the creative work, so that it becomes something that can be shared and has value.

And the awareness of exposure is actually very healthy to a creative mind, because it forces the thinking to arrange thoughts and ideas into a more cohesive and organized form. 

In one word that is ACCOUNTABILITY


I really love to get lost in planning and creative thinking – envisioning processes, funnels and strategy. Giving my creativity free wings and going wherever it takes me. And sometimes that leads to writing thousands of words per day, hand-drawn A4 papers filled with bubbles, crisscross of arrows and insights as sidenotes marked with exclamation marks !!


On other days I draw, sing, imitate celebrities, come up with inventions or shoot videos. Stuff I never publish. Which makes me wonder – how many of us actually have talents and skills we have never shared to others? And why is that?


Some of my friends fit the same category. Loads of ideas, mind racing here and there, starting one thing today, doing something else tomorrow. Meaning, my own empirical data proves many people have very creative mind, so it’s not just me.


Making it public makes me responsible


I think the reason why so many people have almost or completely hidden talents is that they consider they are not good enough. Well, it depends on who they compare themselves to! First of all, they shouldn’t compare themselves to anyone. 


It’s enough that you have some talents and creativity that leads to things and content you can share. Someone will likely find value in it, and you have a change to become more skilled with each iteration. We often forget that things happen we do not anticipate. There are always surprises.


By making things public, now I have a responsibility to remember what I was doing yesterday and actually go through with it, instead of running after the idea of the day. I recommend for creative people to make their challenges and projects public for this reason. Public deadline for a launch is one great way to force you to pull it off. Reputation beats creative inclination for many.


And whether the project or idea is completed or not, at least it’s documented and easy to find, for yourself and others. Even if you are not a master or expert at something, you are still ahead of someone else who aspires to learn. By sharing your content openly, you allow others to learn from you, and follow your progress, to model the good bits and avoid your mistakes! Very valuable!

Generosity vs Scarcity 

I used to have a scarcity mindset, where I had to keep my ideas to myself so others would not exploit or judge them. Overly conscious what others might think of me, overly jealous of people who are successful and overly attached to all my biases. Well, the results speak for themselves, so that wasn’t particularly helpful to myself or anyone else. 


And I used to hate, absolutely hate, making mistakes. Perfectionism, fear of making mistakes and endless creativity are a recipe for eternal procrastination. But making mistakes is the only way of learning how to do less mistakes. 


Reframing mistakes to results is helpful, too. Because now you have a result, which will help you get a better result next time, bypassing binary thinking.


Now I’m learning to cultivate a mindset where shared knowledge, generous helping and continuous learning with a beginner’s mind are the key elements of making good content. 

Imperfect action creates something. Perfect inaction creates only frustration. 

Showing weaknesses makes you relatable

We are still living in the fake social media profile era, where people only have the best time on an amazing holiday, paragliding in paradise. Angles, filters and photo manipulation make that flat ass look hot and hordes of average morons follow. I’m not any better. It’s the wiring.


My hope is that the global awareness simply gets bored with the fake and empty self-aggrandization. At least to a point. I want to be optimistic about the future, and see our social media use more honest, more transparent, and showing also the not-so-bright days. 


Instead of causing anxiety and jealousy, smart influencers become role models, using their role to inspire, educate and encourage followers to improve their lives. Some great people already do. 

So, what is your excuse?

The younger generation is already immersed in multiple social networks, having much lower threshold to make their life public. It will be so commonplace in the future, that people will be completely comfortable having someone filming them anywhere, doing anything. The transition is happening right now.


With that frame of mind, it matters much less what content you put out, because it will be a speck in the universe. But a speck is better than nothing. 


PS. Everyone starts the hero’s journey by first becoming the fool.