Find Your Vehicle - Business Strategy I

Video transcription:


The other day I was listening to the great Jay Abraham who emphasizes how important a good strategy is for any business. 


Without a strategy your daily activities are short-sighted and random. 

With strategy you know your main goals and you know your overarching game plan to succeed in whatever you do. 


And you need to know where you want to go in order to get there. 


For that reason I designed a business strategy, that helps me to focus and put my daily effort in the right place. 


Strategy allows you to see beyond the immediate. 


Maybe you’ve seen my video about the checklist, where I talk about the tactical use of a list to get your things in order to get you started. 


However, that was not a strategy, it’s a tactic to get things done. 


In this video I’m going to focus on my first goal of my business strategy that has two main goals. 


My first goal is to build an online audience large enough for me to get enough clients for my business to be profitable and sustainable. 


The second goal of my business strategy is to build an automated funnel that converts some of my audience into my clients or partners. 


And now let’s pop the question: 


How to get a large online following?


Now we get to the title of the video; finding your vehicle. 


Okay, you have your hobbies, interests and activities. 


Some like fishing, some like fashion, others might like fusion. 


Just in YouTube there’s over 2 billion users globally. That means there’s always enough audience for any topic you can possibly imagine. 


So what I mean by the vehicle, is that that is the topic or topics you use to find your kind of people who share similar interests.


I’ll use myself as an example here. My main interests are business and marketing, obviously also music, video editing, living abroad and building your own business to be your own boss. 


The synthesis of those topics is my vehicle to find my audience. It’s a good idea to keep that list short, because that helps people to understand what is your role


If you talk a bit about everything, your message becomes diluted and no one cares about it. 

But if you focus on three or four topics, then it’s clear what you’re about. 

If you want to follow this exercise you can write down: 

My vehicle has these parts 





For example, mine are music, tutorials, brand building and being self-employed

Now you might ask why is this important? 

It’s because your vehicle makes you relatable. If I would talk only about business and look like how I did back in 2015, it would be boring. And nothing slows your growth faster, or better, than being boring. 

People hate boring stuff, so find your uniqueness and create content about the topics you are really enthusiastic about. 

See, because I share my interests in music, videos, living abroad and building your own business, my content becomes more interesting. 

Hidden benefits

And there’s a hidden benefit; now I have much more to talk about and create content from. 

And it gets even deeper, because when your face becomes familiar, you build trust, and nothing beats trust in marketing. 

That’s why I show my face on camera, that’s why I talk so much about personal branding.


On my website you’ll find a personal branding exercise which has nine steps to build your ideal personal brand in whatever endeavor or area of interest. 

You want to create it for you’ll find the link [above]. I’ll make another video about that later. 

Let’s go back to the idea of a vehicle and what it does. 

To explain my train of thought, here’s a scenario: 

I publish a music video on YouTube, a random person sees my video and likes my music or the editing enough to click on the [channel] and sees my other main topics that I’m talking about on my channel.

If he or she finds it interesting, I potentially have a new follower. 

And when you multiply time with content the math becomes simple. 

Let’s say, for example, that one percent of your followers may become your clients or customers or partners. So, if your channel has thousand followers and one percent of them becomes your clients, you already have 10 clients and for many people who are self-employed already 10 clients could be all you need to be profitable and self-sustaining. 

So YouTube is actually a part of your job and it can be a very crucial part of your job, because it creates your character. It shows the world who you are and lets them know that you exist.

To emphasize that, let’s make a comparison. 

You look for a service because you want to buy something, let’s say SEO (Search Engine Optimization services) and you go to Google and type in local SEO service, or whatever you want to find regarding SEO. 

There you find maybe a local firm that has a website; there’s a text description, there’s an offer, there’s some images. But it’s a faceless company. 

Or do you go to YouTube, type in the same search terms, find something more about the topic, and see who’s the authority on that matter? And what is the likelihood that you actually choose to buy the services from the authority, or at least look what they have to offer compared to the faceless bland boring website that has no personality or uniqueness? 

My instinct says, that most people prefer to work with other people, not with boring websites. 

For that reason having a clearly defined vehicle can help your business immensely. 

That’s my message for today. Write down below in the comments your vehicle and give this video a like if you found it helpful. 

Thanks for watching! 

In the next part of business strategy videos, I will be talking about jumping on your leverage and that is the second ingredient in growing a large online following. You’ll also find my complete business strategy on my website if you’re interested. Again, thanks for watching and see you soon!