My ad was canceled after 2 days on Facebook

Video transcription:


Log 29th November 2020, Finland


My ad video was cancelled after two days, because it violated the Facebook rules. It was shown to 129 Facebook users and got [68] tru-plays and no one joined the group, but one of my friends. Thank you very much. Excellent results, I can really promote myself as the Facebook marketing expert!

My video was cancelled because it was pointing to a Facebook address and that is a violation, in Facebook books.


So now the second module of creating an ad for Facebook I made, it took me a few hours, it’s useless because it got banned and I have to make it again.


Not a big deal really, it’s all about resilience and I’m willing to do this stuff for years anyway. It’s a challenge.


So now, instead of promoting the Facebook group, which is not allowed, I have to create a separate Facebook page for that group and I can promote that Facebook page. Simple, right?

I’m also building a separate website with the same name because in the future I want to create more online courses but outside Facebook.


Another thing I was pondering today is that you have to be interesting and unique to grab people’s attention. The videos I already made for the Facebook advertising group, they were a bit too serious and boring, even though they had relevant and important information.


But the thing is, people have to be entertained the attention span anyone [has] online is like one minute at most when they’re really concentrated.


So, all the content has to be packed full of value, entertainment and information that keeps the viewer … focused.


So, I just have to make it more creative and fun.


I made another log yesterday, but after doing a monologue of 17 minutes, I realized that the sound was messed up and it was useless. At this point I’m still very slow at making videos. So basically, each video takes me hours to actually get it published and shared on different platforms.


But that’s fine because it’s called learning. I like learning and improving my skills. I like creating and I actually like performing in front of the camera.


So next I’m going to build this Facebook page for the group, promote the page with the same video, create a new module for creating the video, and then run the latter modules and document them and upload them as learning material for the course and, I hope during this month I will get some traction, because in the first video I’m like pointing out that if you want to get some sales before Christmas you should join now.


And next year I’m going to make new kinds of ads and try to get more people to join the group.

That’s it for today see you next time.


Editor’s note:


Yes, the video quality is quite poor, I know that. Maybe I’m doing that on purpose just to make my future videos look so much more appealing. Gotcha!