LOG 3rd December - Facebook ad account closed



Hi, I’m Mark and this is my log 3rd of December 2020. I’m building my brand online and this is my journal. I want to thank people who are following me in this early stage. And feel free to leave any comments.


Last week I started advertising my Facebook group where I teach people the basics of Facebook advertising.


My teaching career did not start well because after three days my ad account was banned. That happened because I was directing people to an unfinished website and another Facebook page with a link and it’s against the rules.


First, you cannot lead people to a website that is unfinished, and second, you cannot lead people to another Facebook address via link in the description.


So, me being stubborn I asked for a secondary review and of course, I got refused again and on top of that my ad account was banned.


So, I couldn’t do any changes for my running ads, I couldn’t delete them, I couldn’t stop them, I could not add new ones or do anything.


And the only thing I could do is to send them a copy of my id which I did I sent them a copy of my driving license, and afterwards I was basically just praying because there’s no appeal form, there’s no email address there’s no chat box.


So, if you’re banned, you’re at the mercy of Facebook moderators. So, be very clear to read the ad policies before you ask for a second review.


Some people have already joined the group [Virtaa Someen] thank you if you’re one of them.

This group is in Finnish because many small businesses in Finland still not know how to advertise on Facebook and I wanted to give them the basics of how to do that. Later on, I will also do courses in English.


I ran my first Facebook ads in 2015. I never had a strike before so it was actually, a good thing that it happened to me, because then I can tell others what to avoid.


Next, I will continue adding modules to the course and create a module around content how to use your smartphone or computer to create posts and ads using free tools.


So, what happened in the end with my ad account? I sent them the driving license. I waited for two days and now, when I went into my business manager, the business suit, that is the new version; apparently, they were fine!

And I survived unscathed.


So even if making ads for Facebook is super simple you have to be very careful not to get any strikes because I only had two strikes two of my ads were not approved and after I asked for a second review, which is done, manually I got banned.


And in their review, if the moderators choose that your account poses a risk to Facebook, you will never be able to advertise again on your account.


So, my advice is to read the rules before you start advertising. I can only blame myself but the fastest way to learn is by doing mistakes.


This is it for today and I will keep you updated. Thanks for watching!