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How To Build a Personal Brand ?

The game of building a personal brand takes years. There are 3 ultimate keys in growing a following and creating a brand: commitment, consistency and personal growth.



Commitment is the decision to stick with your brand through failures and mistakes to find your way.



Consistency is keeping at it. Creating new content, engaging with the audience, collaborating with others.



Personal growth is the dedication to learn new skills – be it interpersonal, marketing or business. 



Follow my progress as I take everything I know to build an online brand, for you to learn from my mistakes and successes along the way to reach your goals.

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"The power to connect comes from your ability to share relatable stories and values."

When you post anything online, the odds are that nobody knows you. To create that initial connection, you’ll need to tell your story to find your audience. 

Thanks to the multitude of people online, you can be who you are and still find enough people who will relate to you, and follow you – given you consistently create content that has some value to them.

A good story is always about people, and it stirs emotions. If you haven’t already, write down your story up to the present moment. 

It should encourage you personally, and give you a great resource of interesting content to share with your audience. No one likes flawless heroes, because they are unrelatable. Hardships and honesty make good stories.

Let’s get past the superficial materialism and shallow entertainment in social media, and share stories that really resonate with people.

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