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Follow 2.5 hours of step-by-step guidance to get your website up and running tonight.

Let’s be honest. Some people can build a website on their own without any help. They have the time. For others, they prefer to pay a few hundred to the neighbor’s kid or a couple of thousand to an expert web designer to build a website for them. They have the money.

What if there was a way to build a website that was FAST and INEXPENSIVE?

If you are looking for that, you have come to the right place. Maybe you’ve been pushing building a website forward for a bit. There’s a million things to do running a business, I know from experience.

But you can’t delay having a new website anymore. We are in economically unstable times, and it makes sense to secure your source of income by getting more clients online. A good website generates clients. A poor website drives clients away.

On this beginner-friendly video course to build a website, you will build a solid, fresh, and simple website that gives your business the credibility and online presence it deserves.

Why do most websites do very little of anything?

Most websites have low traffic and even less engagement because the design and content are poorly designed, unfinished, or very dated.

Maybe you have an outdated website, and you’re tired of seeing no results, or you’ve seen other websites online that just made you click away instantly. This can have a significant impact on any business.

I recently emailed a vet clinic about their very crude website. Their reply stunned me. They had too many clients and used their terrible website to repel clients! I know you don’t have this problem (yet) as you are here, but just stop for a second to imagine what a good website can do.

Just as a bad website can repel people, a good one can attract clients by making you look professional and prestigious.

The Transformative secret web designers would never tell you

I know, I’m a web designer, but I want to be fair and give everyone a fighting chance. The secret is this: You absolutely CAN build your website without prior experience or any knowledge of programming. Heck, in this course, you don’t even need to learn web design – just follow the steps, and you’ll arrive with a finished website.
But how, you might be asking? Simple:
  • Watch 14 videos to follow the whole process of website creation from start to finish.
  • Join a Discord community of course participants and ask for help. I will be there too.
  • Get access to course material and extras.

What does this course deliver?

You’ll build a live website in a few hours using modern tools and AI that will establish and amplify your presence online. Now clients can find you, book appointments, consultations, and contact you.
Why does this course work?

This is my method of building professional websites. I spent 6 months writing, shooting, and editing this course to compress it down to 2.5 hours to give you the fastest, easiest, and latest technique to build a website.

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

I am Maru Hieta, a self-employed web designer and copywriter, working on websites and online content since 2016. My clients include non-profits, professionals, and even big international corporations.


I know how hard it is to build a business and make it successful online. I want to encourage you to take the next step with others who join this course and do it together. I will be your support on the way – and I am sure we’ll get you over the finish line.

How much does it cost you?

You can get the course for €49. On top of that, you need to pay for your hosting and domain. Perhaps you already have them. If not, they cost you approximately 40-80 euros per year.


Or, if you want to do it alone, you can go to YouTube and look for a free course. Or find a web designer online and pay a thousand bucks or more to get it done for you.


Here’s the deal. You can buy the course, watch all the videos, and follow the steps. If, after you have your website online, but you are not happy with the outcome, ask for a refund, and I’ll send your money back. Fair enough?

Make the most of your website

To really make this as useful to you as I can, I added two bonus videos to go with the course. They can be invaluable to you, and I’ll tell you why.


My client’s website was hacked a couple of years ago. The website was going nuts; I couldn’t log in, and we were afraid of losing all the data. With effort, I restored the site and took extra measures to make the website as “fireproof” as possible.


In the bonus video, I’ll show you how you can make your website more resistant against hacking attempts. This could save you from a major headache down the road.


In the second bonus video, we go through the steps on how to have your website in two languages. We live in an international world, and sometimes it’s very useful to offer your services in two or more languages.

How to buy & join the course

Click on the Buy link to go to my secure webshop (Holvi, authorized payment institution) where you can add the course to your cart and make the purchase using Visa or Mastercard. After purchase, you’ll receive a receipt and downloadable PDF, both containing simple instructions on how to enroll in the course and start instantly. For any questions, write to me at

Watch the Introduction right now

Unlock the power to change your online presence today. Watch the first video for free below, and join the course now for just €49 to discover the secrets to building a professional website in 2.5 hours. Raise your business to a new level, attract clients, and enjoy the confidence of a fresh online presence. Let’s start building your site right now!