Landing Page Copy Grader

1/10. 5-second rule:

When a new visitor sees your Hero section, can they clearly understand what your website is about and what you offer within 5 seconds?
Yes No
Tip: Make sure your hero section is clear first, and has nice design second.

2/10. Headline:

Does your headline immediately grab attention and tell what's in it for them?
Yes No
Tip: Explain the value in your headline with specific keywords, e.g., "New," "Best," "Fast," "Safe."

3/10. Call to action (CTA):

Does your CTA encourage visitors to take a step forward without a financial commitment, allowing them to give you data and capture their details?
Yes No
Tip: Offer an interactive option like a cost calculator or a checklist to capture leads and get insights.

4/10. Visuals:

Does your website visually compete with industry standards and appear modern and visually appealing?
Yes No
Tip: Use high-quality, relevant, and impressive visuals that stack up to your competition.

5/10. Social Proof:

Does your landing page feature testimonials from happy clients to show that you are trustworthy?
Yes No
Tip: Showcase genuine reviews and testimonials to build trust with your new clients.

6/10. Benefits:

Does your landing page clearly list both obvious and less obvious benefits? Does it lay a clear path how the client's problem is solved?
Yes No
Tip: Speak from their perspective (not yours), connect with their pain points, and describe how your services can improve their lives.

7/10. Features:

Does your landing page have a bullet point list to show clearly all the important features and their benefit?
Yes No
Tip: While benefits focus on emotional impact, features provide details and rational justification. Use technical details and data to support your claims.

8/10. FAQ:

Does your landing page address common objections and questions clients might have? Does it include a FAQ or an explanatory section?
Yes No
Tip: Answer to questions every new lead is asking you - before they need to ask in person.

9/10. Mobile-friendliness:

Does your landing page display and function flawlessly on smartphones?
Yes No
Tip: Ensure your landing page is responsive and optimized for mobile devices, as about half of all traffic comes from mobile users.

10/10. Loading Speed:

Are your images and other elements optimized for fast loading speed?
Yes No
Tip: Reduce website loading time by optimizing image size and using a CDN to improve user experience and reduce bounce rate.

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