CHECKLIST - 3 steps to survive abroad self-employed

Video transcription:


Last time I was talking about a runway as a metaphor of life and everyone’s starting position. 


Everyone needs a checklist for takeoff, and I’ve been thinking what is mine, and I wanted to come up with something that anyone can use, who is thinking about changing their life and building their own business. 



I have 46 days before leaving the country; the clock is ticking and I need to start ticking off boxes from my own checklist in order to lift my business off the ground. 


Three part checklist 

I came up with the checklist that has three parts. 


1. Source of income 

2. Money management 

3. Content strategy 



To summarize the topics with a single word, we can use business, budget and brand. 


The three Bees! (trademark) 



Each of them has three subcategories; let’s take a look what they contain.






B1. business, source of income 



My sources of income are social media and marketing services. Secondly SEO and web design services, and third is courses and consultation



This is pretty easy to explain because these are things I’ve already been doing. What I need to do in order to get new clients and better income, is to package and price them clearly on my website.


In a later video I will show how I did it, once I’ve done it. 





B2. budget, money management 



that consists of counting your coins, monthly estimates and tools and templates. 


Now, counting your coins is simply looking at your wallet how much money do I have; is it enough to travel, can I book an apartment for a month or two, and survive on dog food. 



For example, a flight to Madeira would cost now about 265 euros, sleeping for the first month in a 29 Madeira Hostel would be 19 euros per night, about 570 euros per month, and modest living cost would be 100 euros per week, totaling 400 for a month. 



It all adds up to 1235 euros, and this is living on a tight budget in a hostel. 



So moving abroad with less than 1 200 euros is not realistic. I’ve managed to live off with less but it’s not fun and this example here is for European Union, so in other parts of the world the cost of living will be very different.



This month here in Finland I also need to pay advanced taxes, my retirement fee that will be in total close to 1,000 euros, maybe even more. So that sets me back a little, but I hope I have more than 2 000 euros when it’s time to go. 



(The secret is that as long as I’m living at my parents I don’t care if I’m broke. Moving abroad forces me to make some money) 



So now we have covered two of the first bullets. 


Tools and templates for me is simply Excel and Easy Home Finance app. 


I’m not going to explain here how Excel works, but Easy Home Finance app has been my go-to app for travel budgeting for years now. 



I can show you my list from January 2020 when I was in Kuala Lumpur. 


On this list you can see all my expenses, like this one; 


I ate on rooftop, took a taxi to Airbnb bar hop event, and seemingly ate a very late lunch, only for 10 ringgit. 



Every time I use money for anything, I mark it in the app to keep track how much I’m spending. 


Usually I add a weekly balance in my app to see how much I can spend that week and that is based on what is my budget for the month, and how much I have already spent. 



This makes managing money during traveling super easy. Let’s move on. 





B3. is for brand, that means content strategy 



For me brand, content strategy, is my main tool for marketing. Forget ads, content is free marketing



Here’s the layout: 

– marketing my business 

– personal leverage 

– schedule, automation and goals 



In order to make money, people need to know that I exist and that I offer some services and products. 


That means my online presence, my content, need to attract some people and I need to divert some of that audience to my business that means my content is a combination of education and entertainment. 



At the base level that means I need to fine-tune my online profiles, my website, my funnel. 


By personal leverage I mean the uniqueness you need to find in order to find your audience. 


For me that means topics like living abroad and traveling, being self-employed, doing music and building your personal brand. 



In practice, I will make content with all these elements. 


Okay, schedule, automation & goals. 



My priority is social media and creating content. And it all boils down into routines and habits. 


For my content schedule I’ve laid out the following plan. 



Two YouTube videos per week, two Instagram posts per week, two TikTok videos per week. YouTube on Mondays and Fridays. Instagram on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and TikTok on Wednesdays and Sundays. 



This makes it simple, no guessing. A simple schedule that is not overwhelming. 



By automation, I mean any sort of tools that can actually speed up the process of creating content. For example that can be a folder on your computer where you have all the assets you use for making YouTube videos, say the tags you usually use for keywords, all the logos or the sound effects, all the pictures and all your branded material, and animations or transitions – anything that you usually need when you’re doing videos and by just having that one folder can actually reduce the time in half instead of finding all these files online. [Interrupted by outside noise]



And lastly the goals 

For the moment, I have 116 subscribers in YouTube so if you see this, a special thank you because you are seeing this! 


By the end of the year I want to get up to a thousand. 


In Instagram I have 187 followers, there I have the same goal, I want to reach 1000 by the end of the year. 


In TikTok that I have been using sparsely, I only have 11 followers, and for that I want to have 100 followers by the end of the year. 


To keep things simple, I’m not even thinking about LinkedIn, Twitch, Facebook or any other social media platform, because three platforms is more than enough. 


Now we have covered the whole shebang. If you found this helpful, please hit the thumbs up button that helps me, thank you! 


If you want more feel free to subscribe, and if you want to leave any feedback or ask any questions please leave a comment below. All interaction is much appreciated. 


On that note, I actually got some feedback last week from my friend who was watching my latest video, and he told me that it’s distracting that I have so many cuts in my videos. 


And the reason is simple. When you’re starting out and you’re speaking in a language that is not your native language, and you need to remember a script that is more than one thousand words long and you mumble a lot, it’s just impossible to remember everything by chapters. 


So while I’m getting better at this, hopefully, eventually, these videos I just have to cut a lot, because I do a lot of mistakes, forget to say things. 


And it’s just the only way, otherwise I will never get one video ready because I’ve already spent doing this video for writing and setting up the green screen again, I don’t know, maybe five hours. 


And now, next I’m going to do the editing and uploading and that will take at least three hours more. 


So when you’re starting out these things take a lot of time, and yeah that’s the explanation, what can I do? 


I’m doing my best; that’s the confession. 


As this is a vlog I need lastly… I want to tell you something about what I’ve been doing lately. 


So the last weekend I met a friend. I’m helping him to launch his own YouTube channel and it’s a very, very interesting project. I also met another friend and we are starting a small scale music project that will be very interesting as well. Let’s see what happens. I’m working on that song tonight, and thirdly I met another friend, that I’ve been traveling with before, and we were talking about what we’re going to do next and we came up with a great idea where you go for the winter, so more about the traveling plans later. 


And thank you for watching if you managed to get through all this and see you next time, thanks for watching!