Challenge the Creative! LOG 17th 12 20


Hi I’m Mark this is the documentation of me building my brand and just explaining how I’m doing it. It’s like a journal, it’s like a log, it’s my fourth video.  


It’s 17th of December 2020 and I’m currently living in Finland.


In this video I’m going to talk about what I’m doing at the moment, what I will do in the future and give you a snapshot of my current social media following.


So, it’s been two weeks since I uploaded my last log, and that is basically because I totally screwed up the two previous ones with lighting and with the frame.


This is my second take of this video because [in] the previous one, I accidentally cut some of my head off, and I just need to do it again.


That’s one reason, because making these videos by yourself, it just takes time, and it’s sometimes, you make mistakes that you were not aware of. And when you start editing them then, you just realize they are unusable.


And there’s time constraints that if you give your best shot to one take and like, it took you 30 minutes to do it, then you [are] just; okay leave it for another day.

So, I hope that I will become more effective, do less mistakes and be more consistent in uploading these updates. Hopefully.


Other things that have kept me busy is working with the Maltese client, and I’ve been also talking with Finnish entrepreneurs, and planning a lot.


Success requires strategy.


And also, it’s very dark period here in Finland, in the Nordics, in the northern hemisphere, close to the Arctic Circle. So, there’s like two hours of daylight and then it’s dark again.

So, at the same time, I’m also working during the nights, sleeping half of the day and it’s basically dark all the time.

Can’t complain, it could be worse, it’s still warm, inside.


I’m currently working with Nordic Health Club, which is a great home exercise membership program for holistic well-being. These guys are inspirational and have a very good energy. So, I’m happy to work with people who are creating positive impact.


Another business I’m rooting for, is this upcycling jeans company called Piece of Jeans. They are basically taking parts of denim fabric and redesigning it in this unique patchwork design that looks very cool. And she was looking for a digital marketing expert to scale her business which is the right way, because when she finds the right professional, then it will skyrocket, for sure.


But talking with her, I realized, I have close to zero credibility because I’m a dabbler.

Okay, I have some limited experience in all parts of like online businesses, graphic design, landing pages, funnels, email, customer support … In every part, but I never really built my own business around the skills [I have].


And what I realized is this – To have this credibility to be able to demonstrate what I can really do; I need to build up my own e-commerce and start selling stuff online. Only after I can call myself digital marketing expert, who really knows what he’s doing.

Sounds fair?


So how am I going to do this?


After I finish my Facebook group for Facebook advertising that lives on this Facebook group page – thanks for everyone who is member of it. There’s 12 people at the moment and heartfelt thanks for your support.


When I finish the last two modules, then I will start creating challenges for myself. Challenges for seven days, when I try different print-on-demand platforms to come up with some designs, create the shop pages, personalize them, write the descriptions, trying to come up with interesting, niches that people like, the designs. and everything that goes into the print-on-demand style of online business.


Which is very basic, I know. Like, if you’re talking about online businesses selling t-shirts online from print-on-demand platform is the first level. Fair enough, but that is very essential, because then you can learn the ropes, then you can really prove your own success to yourself and others, and scale up from there in the long run.


Because what you’ll learn in small scale, you can then get experience and take that knowledge, and start scaling up.


So, I will try all these potential print-on-demand platforms. There’s like six or seven I have in mind that could work for me. In totality there’s probably dozens, but there’s a few big ones that I’m going to try.


And obviously, I cannot create success in seven days. Like, if I’m doing this challenge for seven days, there are no guarantees; I don’t know if I can make one sale.


But why I’m doing this is because I need accountability. I really need a way how I can focus to just one thing for a week and do nothing else. Because if you’re a creative person like me, then you know how difficult it can be to focus on one thing for a week.


In practice that means coming [up] with designs that can be printed on t-shirts, mugs, pillowcases, all kinds of materials and just and try to make some sales.


Very simple idea and for people who do it right, it is actual source of income. If not the total income, a supplemental income.


And that’s what I’m trying to achieve here, and demonstrate and experiment with. Just to have some foundational success in this early stage and show how it works.


For more information and tutorials, YouTube is the place to go. My go-to channel on YouTube is called Wholesale Ted. Highly recommended, very informational videos.


But there’s loads of choices, so if you’re interested in print on demand, just type it in and start watching videos.


To make this interesting, I will do these challenges, document them, upload them here and come up with some excuses why they didn’t work … No, and upload videos with some follow-ups.


After trying these platforms and getting the experience, and honing some of my skills that may be a bit rusty like drawing, after trying out each of these platforms, I will expand my challenge method to different areas but that is still far ahead in the future.


I don’t know if you can see it but I’m using my wireless mouse, to change this, to change the slides on my computer, because I have my notes there. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know what to talk about. So, it’s funny to move your hands with the mouse in your hand one.


Thing about the current situation globally. I think it’s the perfect time to get into something like this to learn a new digital skill, to open a web shop, to expand your network online and trying to find new ways to come up with business ideas.


Trying different things out, because it should be clear by now that it’s going to be in very high demand in the future that you have digital skills, marketing skills and know-how with this new platform; social media and Shopify, and other popular websites that are directly or indirectly connected to e-commerce.


So consciously, I changed my mindset from, like oh, this time sucks, I hate this and I hope we get back to normal. I actually take the whole time period as a challenge to grow myself, to challenge myself to improve my skills, learn new things and just try to make most of it.


Because as far as I can see in the future, all these skills will be viable, and will be in high demand in the future, so even if nothing works and i have to, say take a job, sometime in the future, I have still learned many valuable skills that I can use in my future employment.


I hope I will never have to be employed again because, I cannot do 8-4 or 9-5. Honestly, I haven’t done that in … since 2017.


So, the real struggle if you’re working for yourself, is really to focus on the right things, and that is exactly what I’m doing here. I’m trying to come up with tools and methods how I rein in my endless creativity, and just concentrate my effort on one thing, to have some tangible outcome.


And put systems in place, small scale at first, that can potentially generate an income, and when you generate more of these sources of income, and over time when you start applying methods that improve your sales and your skills and in general, your conversion rates for your e-commerce, whatever it may be. Then all these sources of income will be, actually, a comfortable income that frees you from normal job.



That’s my goal here. If I’m saying I’m building a personal brand online, that means getting enough money doing my own thing, so I can be my own boss. Simple as that. Forget the Lamborghinis, forget the private jet.  really don’t care about that kind of stuff, I only want to be self-determined 100 percent.


One of my goals for 2021 is to grow my social following. And, obviously, focusing on numbers is like thinking money equals happiness so that’s not all and everything, but it’s a very easy metric to see if what I’m doing is actually working.


I’m doing this now because I’m really just starting out, and then I’m able to do this again in 12 months and show how much i have progressed. So let’s hop on to my screen.


Okay, let’s be brief, and let’s just see what are the current stats and start with YouTube. So, for the last month, I had in total 100 views, that means 2.6 hours of watching, and I have in total 3 subscribers.


Facebook. In Facebook I have 693 friends.


On Instagram I have 167 followers, lot of room to grow.


Twitter, here I am super lazy. I am doing nothing. And there is one post here it’s ridiculous. I have 61 followers which is surprising, I shouldn’t have any!


On LinkedIn, let’s look at the connections, I have 160 connections, quite low, quite low …


And the surprising thing, I have two videos on Tik Tok, which I really didn’t even consider as a viable platform for my stuff, but I actually have 342 views of my latest video, that is just me announcing what I’m doing with my Facebook group, and it’s surprising. And from that, from these two videos, I have three people already following me. I find it super interesting and that means, I will continue uploading stuff to Tik Tok for sure as well. Let’s see what happens. Can’t hurt you!


And if I’m uploading the same stuff on other platforms, why not also on Tik Tok?

So that’s where I’m currently standing with my social following as of end of 2020, December 17th. Back to the green screen!



To give you more perspective, I’m not completely isolating myself in this cabin, but doing other things as well.


Just recently I produced a Christmas song for my friend, and the video is now online so going check it out.


We are also finishing up a hip-hop album after a hiatus of 12 years, basically since the last album came out, yeah 2008. So that is coming out in early 2021.


I’ve been seeing some of my friends, that I didn’t see in 10 years, and it’s been great to have good talks with them to see where they are in their lives how they progressed, and how they’re continuing growing.

And there’s a handful of other projects underway as well, which I will make public at some point, if it makes sense to make them public.


To sum this all up, next year will be a very interesting year whatever happens, and I highly encourage you whoever is watching, to learn new digital skills, try out new things. Dare to break conventions. Start practicing your skill you quit as a teenager because you thought it’s not viable as a source of income. This new economy of social media can make anyone, who’s enthusiastic about anything successful doing just that. If you don’t believe me, watch Gary Vaynerchuck, he makes it very clear and he’s more enthusiastic than I am.


So, break conventions create your own rules, learn new things and thrive in this crazy world where we don’t have any idea what’s going to happen tomorrow and/or in three months or whatever. Because only by deciding to grow, you have a chance to succeed.

Thank you for watching if you liked the video, you know what to do and see you next time! I try to be more consistent with these updates.

Thank you … and Merry Christmas!