Business website under $100 Part 5/5

Finalize, Share on Social and Get on Google

In this final part of the tutorial, we’ll finish up the website and share it with the world.


I will show you how you can create:

– a favicon

– links to social media profiles and posts to promote your website (Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook)

– and connect your website to Google Search Console to include your website with Google search



To give the site a more finished look, let’s add a favicon to the website. That means the small icon that will be shown in the browser tab before the title of the page.


Creating a favicon is really easy. Open Photoshop or go to and create a new image that is 512 by 512 pixels.


If you don’t have a logo, you can simply use your initials of just the first letter of your name like I’m doing here.


Once you are happy with the look, save it as jpg and upload it to WordPress by going to Appearance, and Customize


Open Site Identity on this page, and under the Site Icon title, you can click on the Select site icon, upload the image you just created, give an alt text, and click Select.


And save the settings by hitting Publish.


Linking your website with your social media 


For people to find your website, let’s add link to it on every social media you’re on.

If your address is very long, you can create a short URL in, where you can also follow how many clicks you get through that link.


Starting with Instagram, simply edit your biography and add the link to it.


Instagram only allows one link, and if you want to have more links to other social media and other websites, you can use Linktree and create your own list of links.



If you have a YouTube channel, select customize channel, and from the Basic info tab, add the link and give it a title. This way your website link will be shown on the banner image.


One idea is to add your website in the description of your videos.



Moving on to LinkedIn, create a page for your business if you don’t have one already, where you can add the link to your business website, and create a post to promote it, and then, share it also on your personal profile.


Let’s do the same on Facebook, add the website URL in your Facebook business page, create a post to promote it, and share it on your personal profile.


Google Search Console – Submit your sitemap


For your website to become visible in Google search, you need to open the search console and submit your sitemap to Google.


Make sure you are logged to your Google account.


Type in search console in Google, open the first result, and click the Start Now button.


To add a new website, open the menu on the left, and select Add property.

In the domain field, type in the url and select continue.


Google will now ask you to verify that you own the domain by adding a TXT record in your DNS configuration. This is easy to do, because we’re already familiar with the DNS settings from the second part of this tutorial.


In this case, I will access OVH, and add this TXT file in the configuration.


Please note that this change will take up to 24 hours. Give it at least 10 minutes. (CLOCK; 10 mins passing)


Go back to Search console and select Verify.


If everything works, the ownership is now verified, and you can click Go to property.

On the left-side menu, select Sitemaps, and on this field we can paste the URL.


Well, how can we get the sitemap URL from our website?


Open your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins, and click Add new.


Type in YOAST and Install YOAST SEO.

Once installed, click Activate.


Now, Click open the SEO screen, go to Features Tab, and after the XML sitemaps, click the Question mark.


Click See the XML sitemap. Copy the address from the address bar, go back to Search Console, paste in the link, and hit Submit.


You should now get the notification Sitemap successfully submitted. Click Got it, and we are done.


Congratulations! You have completed the tutorial!


Now, people will see your posts on your social media, and Google will index your website to its search.


This is the beginning and foundation for using your website to promote your business, and get more clients.


The best use for your website in the future, is to add more content, like blog posts, landing pages and free resources for your target audience to get more visitors.


You can also add WooCommerce plugin to your website to get a fully-functional web shop for your products and services.


If you managed to complete this tutorial, paste your link below and I’ll review your website.


And if you need help in developing your site you can browse for more information and to connect with me.


Thanks for reading/watching and let me know in the YouTube comments if you have any request for future videos.