Business website under $100 Part 1/5

INTRO > Build your own business website

The goal: Open your own business website today under $100.


Are you starting or running your own business, but don’t have a website yet? Do you feel overwhelmed with all the possible options and unanswered questions, like how much time will this take, does it make sense to hire a web designer, or how your business website can make money?


Instead of feeling lost and overwhelmed about this part of your online business, you can now confidently step up your game, by following this web design tutorial.


In this 5-part tutorial, you’ll see how easy it is to create a home page for your business.

I recently built this website for a client who allowed me to use it as an example in this tutorial, to show you how you can create similar results, regardless of your profession or industry.


In fact, you don’t need any prior knowledge about any of this. It’s enough that you follow the instructions, and you can have your professional looking website up and running tonight.


But let’s be realistic here for a minute. Getting your website online tonight does not mean that it’s the final version.


What I mean by that, is that now we only need to build your basic page, and you can come back after to fine-tune the images and pictures.


The goal here is to give you enough momentum to get started by having a website online as soon as possible.


Well, how much it’s going to cost to do it yourself?


To compare, the cheapest yearly fee for having a Wix website is now 168 dollars. And on Squarespace they charge 144 dollars.


Hiring a web designer is going to cost you at least 500 dollars, and for a bigger project you need to pay thousands of dollars.


The price to build your website by yourself is between 50 and 60 dollars by following this tutorial, and you’ll get free SSL certificate, 97 gigabytes more space, email address with your domain, unlimited traffic and much more options to customize your website later on. 


Best of all, you will be in control of your website and you can change it any time you want without waiting for a reply from a web design company.



If we meet for the first time, I’m Markus Hietanen, and I’ve been working as a digital creative since 2006, and started my own business back in 2016 to develop and design websites professionally. You can check my website for more details.




To give you an overview what we will cover in this tutorial, here’s the topic for each video:

  1. First, we have this intro to get you excited and motivated
  2. On the second part we get our domain & hosting set up
  3. Third video will cover setting up WordPress for the website’s framework
  4. In the fourth video we will build the home page with Elementor
  5. And finally in the fifth video we will publish your site and share it with the world

You can also follow this tutorial in written form at!


To get you familiar with the terms, in this tutorial we will get you a domain, that is the address you can type in the address bar. At the same time, we will get a hosting service, which in simple terms means a computer with hard disk space dedicated to store and deliver your website around the world.


To build your website, instead of opening your notepad and typing in HTML and CSS code, we are using WordPress as the platform. It is very popular content management system to run websites. 


In fact, Envisage Digital reports that 455 million websites use WordPress out of total 1.3 billion websites. That means WordPress is a safe choice to futureproof your website, as it gets updates and has great library of free plugins to customize your site.


To make the building easier and more user-friendly experience, we will use Elementor page builder.

What do you need:

  • A computer
  • Few hours of time without distractions
  • Open a second tab in your browser and keep this window open.

Now we are ready to start, so sharpen your mouse, buckle up in your gaming chair, and get ready to build your website at speed!