core skills on notepad


How to come up with your core message?

Core message is the punch-line you deliver to your audience. It can be divided into 2-5 topics. Very simple way to define your personal offering to the public is by writing down 5 things (abilities, skills, topics) you are most confident with. Next, you underline which ones you can monetize. 

These are your strengths, and the foundation of your core message. Now, sum them up, and write down in one word, what they all have in common, i.e. what is the parent category, or the best describing word that binds them together. 

That is your core message. 80% of your content should be about the topics you just listed. The remaining 20% can be about miscellaneous topics, but not more, because then your core message will be diluted and lose its power.

My core message is brand building. I have digital skills I am very confident with, and the best way to sum them up is to call it branding. I can then come up with niche keywords under that umbrella, to make it sexy and appealing, like personal brand accelerator. Or with a headline like Earn double what you earn now working from home in your jammies. In this example I’m not saying anything about brand, or personal brand building – but I’m implying it, emphasizing the benefit/result.

Having your key message on top of your head at all times makes it much easier to write content, shoot videos and engage with the online community, because then you have clarity about your role.  

How to tell your core message effectively?

The delivery makes all the difference. As the example, you don’t have to use the word itself. Instead you want to paint pictures of the results that word offers to your audience. You are verbalizing the dreams people already have, and that makes you appealing.

The practical approach is creating stories and testimonials, that have emotional component in them. Relatable story that resonates with the person you want to serve. Niche down to a group that you can interact with naturally, i.e. people who share the same values and stories. And don’t worry about being openly vulnerable and weird, because people love authenticity, and hate fake perfection. 

For example, I share my personal story of failing my first online business. Being open about failing and being transparent make you much more interesting, because now you become relatable.

 To really move your audience, share your darkest moments and what you felt, then your redemption and new hope. More emotion = More power. Everyone has these stories, or they can borrow another voice to talk for them. 

Dramatize as much as possible.