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scriiv first months start-up

5 months being an entrepreneur

5 months being an entrepreneur, LOG 19.01.2021 Transcription: Hi, I’m Mark and this is the first update for 2021. this is a documentation of me

Challenge the Creative! LOG17/12/20

Challenge the Creative! LOG 17th 12 20 Transcription: Hi I’m Mark this is the documentation of me building my brand and just explaining how I’m

Mark Hietanen YouTube log

LOG: Now they’ve closed my account

LOG 3rd December – Facebook ad account closed Transcription: Hi, I’m Mark and this is my log 3rd of December 2020. I’m building my brand

my ad was cancelled

LOG: My Ad Was Cancelled

My ad was canceled after 2 days on Facebook Video transcription: Log 29th November 2020, Finland   My ad video was cancelled after two days,

Skin in the Game

Skin in the game Winning inside your head Past fear is peace I’m jumping over the cliff for the second time, figuratively.  Back in 2015