What is SCRIIV?

Marketing Services and 1-to-1 Training

for Brands who want to target new online audiences

Most businesses don’t know how to market to modern consumers online. At SCRIIV we help you reach your target audience to build a stronger brand, get more sales and grow your business.

What Can SCRIIV Do For You?

You have a brand, and you sell products and/or services online. But how to promote and sell your products to highly skeptical Millenial and Gen Z demographics who scoff at average advertising?

People are more wary of marketing tricks. A poor marketing campaign can do more harm than good to your reputation. It’s a ruthless marketplace. 

But if you can get through the noise and make the right impact, your sales funnels will start working and pulling people in! SCRIIV is committed to helping you to deliver the right message to the market. We specialize in audiences like gamers who are perhaps the most skeptical, informed and tech-savvy groups of all.


We can create together:
  • Creating content on Social Media
    • Organic and paid
    • Copywriting, content writing and scripting
    • Graphic Design, Animation
    • Video Editing, VFX
    • Sound Editing, SFX
  • Web Design & SEO
    • Content optimization
    • User experience optimization
    • Landing pages & Sales Funnels
    • Mobile optimization
    • Modernization and branding
    • SSL, Hosting, email setup and web admin tasks
 And more! Start learning the essential marketing skills as we create and develop together your branding, marketing and content online.

Does SCRIIV mean something?


The name SCRIIV loosely means ‘writing’, from the IE root ‘skribh-‘, originally ‘to cut’. 

For example Latin ‘scribere’, German ‘schreiben’, Portuguese ‘escrever’.

I chose the word as writing is the foundation of organized thought and effective communication.

Who is behind SCRIIV?

My name is Markus Hietanen, also Maru Hieta for an alias on my YouTube channel. 

I’m a Finnish digital marketing specialist running my own business and working with multiple clients and partners.


I’m fluent in English (and Finnish, obviously) as I have worked for years in/with international companies in different countries. I can also get by with Spanish and Portuguese.



My best skills are in planning, writing, content creation, web design and video editing. And generally in marketing. I have been working in various fields related to advertising and online marketing since 2006.



I’m a true believer that everyone needs to have a personal brand (online presence and reputation) to be successful in the modern world.


In all my roles over the years, I have always enjoyed being a guide to help others learn what I know. This includes for example web design, Photoshop, audio production, copywriting and so on.


Markus Hietanen profile

Who is SCRIIV?

I’m Markus Hietanen, a self-employed Finnish creative.

I am running my digital marketing business as a solo entrepreneur. Send me a message to talk.

Hobbies, passions and other trivia:

  • Favorite social media: YouTube
  • Cycled once from Lisbon to Malaga along the coast
  • Currently learning: Blender
  • Brown belt in Karate
  • Visited 20 different countries
  • Highest value: Self-reliance 
  • Language nerd, especially etymologies
  • Endless curiosity to learn more
  • Enjoyes planning and creating strategies 
  • Gets easily addicted to PC games, especially RTS and Fantasy RPG

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