Helping creators and small businesses to build their audience, get clients online to make more money and free up their time.

❌ Most small businesses and creators struggle to make money online. Forget cold emails and chasing clients.

✔️Scriiv Design System helps you to design and build marketing funnels that will bring leads and clients to you.

What Can SCRIIV Do For You?

You want more clients. 

SCRIIV helps you get them by offering: 


  • Marketing, Copywriting
  • Web Design
  • AB tests & Optimization

Does SCRIIV mean something?


The stylized name SCRIIV means ‘writing’, from the Proto Indo-European root ‘skribh-‘, originally “to cut, separate, sift”. source

For example Latin ‘scribere’, German ‘schreiben’, Portuguese ‘escrever’.

I chose this name as writing is the foundation of organized thought and effective communication.

Scribe, Script, Subscribe, Describe, Conscript, Manuscript, Prescribe, Inscribe, Postscript, Transcribe, Scribble, Scripture, Proscribe, Ascribe,
Circumscribe, Superscribe, Scrivener


Creative Skills

Content Skills

Technical Skills

Marketing Skills

Why should I choose SCRIIV?

Most businesses don’t have time to build and maintain their online marketing by themselves. That’s why they are also losing many clients to competition and wasting opportunities with hit-and-miss efforts.


I can help you improve your online marketing to get you better, measurable results. I’m a Finnish digital marketing specialist and content creator running my own business and working with multiple clients and partners.


I’m fluent in English as I have worked for years in/with international companies in different countries. I can also get by with Spanish (thanks to my wife, who also happens to be a marketer).


My best skills are in online marketing, web design, copywriting and media production; scripts, video and audio. I have been working in various fields related to advertising and online marketing since 2006.

I believe running your own business should be a satisfying and fulfilling experience, instead of survival and stress. I want to help other people like me who want to make it on their own to become successful and achieve their goals in life. This way we make the place better for everyone.

Markus Hietanen profile

Who is behind SCRIIV?

I’m Maru Hieta on social media, Markus Hietanen in my passport, a self-employed Finnish creative.

I am running a digital marketing business to help creators and small businesses to earn a living online. Let’s connect!

Hobbies, passions and other trivia:

  • Favorite social media: YouTube
  • Currently learning: AI, Blender
  • Business Reading: Oversubscribed – Dan Priestley
  • Fun Reading: Grace of Kinds – Ken Liu
  • Cycled once from Lisbon to Malaga along the coast
  • Brown belt in Shotokan Karate
  • Visited 25 different countries, currently in Spain
  • Highest value: Self-determination
  • Language nerd, especially etymologies
  • Enjoyes learning and planning strategies
  • Fan of strategy and fantasy games