Writers! Who wants to start and grow a YouTube channel?

This 100K YouTube Framework is BLOWING UP Small Channels

Are you getting tired of having limited reach and the constant effort to post to stay on the feed?

If you want to take your brand and influence to a new level, build a thriving YouTube channel like this.



  • Get your first 100k views on YouTube
  • Plug in your funnel to double your revenue
  • Impress fans and competition with your brand
  • Gain an influencer status and enjoy the benefits
  • Live your dream life being happy and healthy 
  • Prove your partner you have it in you

I had enough...

I have about 130K views on YouTube, that’s why I call this the 100K Framework. First views, now subs.

Listen, I got FRUSTRATED with my slow growth on YouTube and other social medias – always worried about the next client, paying bills and living in a survival mode with high levels of stress. IT REALLY SUCKS.

Now, I’ve developed this framework to STORM YouTube to get to BREAKTROUGH VELOCITY and multiply the size of my audience in the following months.


I’m talking about getting 100K subscribers

You’ve seen those Silver Play Button frames some YouTubers have? That’s the goal. That’s when YouTube recognizes you as a real channel.


There’s a template in the workbook to make your own Silver Play Button to start believing in yourself.

Get my 100K YouTube Program for Free

I’m taking this 100% seriously. You have to be crazy to believe in big goals. 


That’s why I also want to share the blueprint for my success for free with anyone who wants to follow the steps and build their own channels.


You can duplicate my 100K YT Program workbook for Notion right here and start doing it yourself following simple step-by-step guide. I have provided personal examples. Just replace my answers with yours.   


You will improve your mindset, prepare yourself to stretch and grow, learn the basics on video creation, storytelling and start taking massive action to make it happen.


Does it work? YES. As I make progress, I’m going to revise the content and add my best insights.

If you are starting a new YouTube channel, you can and will reach 100K views by following this framework.

IF you commit to posting 1 video per week until you get there.


4 BIG Reasons Why You Are Losing By Not Being on YouTube

There are massive upsides of getting on front of the camera and uploading your videos on YouTube. Here are the 4 biggest reasons why you should stop ignoring this opportunity.

1) Discoverability

No one knows about you if they cannot find you. 

YouTube is the second-biggest search engine, and often Google also serves up videos on the search results.


Let’s say people search stuff about your topic. Are you even in the search results? Anywhere?

By having a high quality library of videos on YouTube, you are positioning yourself as a professional & expert.

2) Time multiplier

– Post a short on TikTok. It’s served for a day or two, and then disappears from the feed.

– Post a tweet on X. It’s served for a day or two, and then disappears from the feed. Enough examples.


When you upload your video on YouTube, it will be shown in suggestions and search for weeks, months and years. By building a small library of related videos, people can quickly see that you are an authority on the topic.


→ Instead of you engaging on social media for hours, the YT algorithm will keep showing your video and building your brand for you. Do it once, get views, likes, comments and subscibers for years!

3) Lead generator

Your target audience is RIGHT NOW watching a video of some other creator. 

And the smart creators slip in a Call-to-Action, turning their videos into VSL’s!


When you start uploading your videos on YouTube, they will see YOU and hear YOUR CTA, to get whatever valuable freebie you have available. And your viewers get it easily by clicking on the top link on your description. 


This FREE VSL can produce you leads day in and day out, fattening your email list and help you sell more of your products and services to clients who have already heard and seen you to trust you more than a faceless brand on some other platform.


4) Building Trust

If people cannot see your face and hear you talk, they generally don’t trust you much.


But when your face, your style of communication, your body language, and your unique quirkiness is widely available for people to see, something very interesting happens.


Imagine you have 2 hours of content available where you explain things, educate, demonstrate and convince people you know you stuff.


What do you think will happen? They feel like they know you. If they are sucked in your sales funnel and end up having a video call with you, they already know how you look like, how you sound like, and what you are like generally.

They will feel like they know you.


This will make the consultation / sales call 100 times smoother! 

If nothing else, this should be a big enough reason for anyone to at least upload few videos. 


Yeah, I said 4 big reasons, but I have one massive bonus up my sleeve.


Once you see the trouble of making a video on YouTube, you can then share and promote that video on every other social media platform and your email list. 


Even if they haven’t seen your face or heard you on other platforms, now you give them a chance to do that (and subscribe to your channel.)   


And this will prompt YouTube to show your video more for it’s users as it works as a social proof, making your videos blow up even faster.


Let’s go! Read the Free 100K Guide now!