Getting your first 100 subs and 10,000 views on YouTube

Video transcription:


In this episode of my vlog we are going to take a quick look at my YouTube stats to see my total views viewing time and my simple analysis how it all works.


It has been nine months since I started uploading videos to YouTube and I’ve covered various topics. 


So why now? Because in nine months, I’ve been able to get just short of 10,000 views and over 100 subscribers. 


I haven’t really studied any YouTube hacks or how to game the algorithm, or learned any smart strategies. 


Nor did I have any definitive plan or schedule how often to make videos, and I think most people starting out [are] more or less in the same situation that I am.



It is a learning process where you slowly figure out how you like to make videos, how people


react to them, and use the insights to develop your channel step by step.


YouTube Statistics – Details


So let’s dive in and see what we got. 


From the analytics screen we can see that the channel has just hair short of 10,000 views in the last


365 days and over 100 subscribers.


I think these numbers are realistic for anyone starting out. The growth in the beginning is very


slow and gradual. 


From the bottom you can see that the gray boxes represent publishing times from May till July I did not upload any videos, however the overall trend is still going up.



That is something I really like about YouTube; that you can create content that stays up for months and years. 



Let’s scroll down to see the top performing videos from the last month. 

As you can see the top three videos are basically generating all the views.


To keep this short, I’m not going too much into the details, but obviously tutorials and demonstrations


are working really well for my channel. 


In this case the top video is a short demo using a green screen, face app and EbSynth to change my face on the fly and creating different effects.


The second one is a simple tutorial how to make a preset for TikTok videos and rendering them correctly in the vertical aspect ratio.


Interesting point about the third video is that I created that tutorial to show people how EbSynth works,


but no one was watching it, so I created the demo which has the most views. 


In that video I mentioned the tutorial, and I added the suggestion card for people to see how it works.


Now also the third video is generating a couple of hundred views per month.



From here you can see that the top video has 46 percent of all views, second one is 37


and the third one is 6.5.



Top three combined is 89.5 % of all views.



My interpretation from these stats is that you just need to find the right topic to find your audience. And for me that took seven months to make a video that is getting thousands of views. 


As I already have proved that EbSynth is a good topic to get views, I’m going to use it to create my music video, and also create a tutorial how I did it. 


My prediction is that YouTube will promote the video quite well because the existing video


is generating a lot of views.  


Comparing the top performing content to the rest shows clearly that these blog-type videos are not going to generate loads of views, so these are mainly for practice and documentation.



On the other hand if I have interesting topics to talk about, who knows, maybe this will get some views




What will this channel look like in 1 year?


it’s difficult to predict how my channel will look like in one year, but I’m sure that the channel will grow


consistently, if I keep uploading videos.



It’s all about patience. Every single popular Youtuber has been in my situation in the beginning; that you have low views, low subscribers and you’re just figuring things out.



Someone said cleverly that when you sow a seed, you don’t dig it up every day to see if it’s growing.


You leave it in the ground and trust it will grow; on its own.



Same applies for YouTube. 

I’m very neutral about my current stats because my scope is for years, not for months.


Therefore this will be the only YouTube stats video in a long time, and I’ll make a new one


when something meaningful happens; I reach a certain milestone or have new important insights about building a channel on YouTube.



This is it for today’s topic, I have plenty of ideas what to cover in these upcoming vlogs, and 


see you next time. 


Thanks for watching!


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