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Solar dehydrator Portugal

Building a solar dehydrator in Quinta dos Sete Nomes

tools for building dehydrator
Workbench with tools

In this post in describing how I built my first solar dehydrator in Portugal. This was done in Quinta dos Sete Nomes, which is a lovely and lively co-op eco farm in Sintra. Building it took me in total a full week. To build one you need basic woodworking skills and tools.

The concept is very simple: To build an insulated box that heats up air with direct sunlight. Air starts moving up and by convection dries up everything that is laid inside. The box is perforated from the bottom and top part to circulate the air. Temperature doesn’t really need to get over 60° Celsius (140F), so that keeps things simple. Keep Reading

solar oven backside

First solar oven in Portugal Part II

As the first post was already lengthy, this post will continue where the last one left off and describe two more cooking experiments.

I finally managed to find an IR thermometer. I was looking for a more traditional oven temperature gauge, but this will work nicely to show clear readings.

It’s my last day in Biovilla Sustentabilidade, so I wanted to use the chance to cook some more as it was a sunny and warm day, around 23 degrees.

I propped the oven on the east side of the house to catch the morning sun and at 10, I was able to get a reading of over 100°C. Keep Reading

First solar oven in Portugal Part I

Biovilla backyard
Biovilla backyard

This is my first blog post how I’m starting to build solar ovens in Portugal.

It’s the beginning of May and I am staying at the Biovilla Eco farm in Setubál’s beautiful natural park Arrábida.

Biovilla is a sustainability co-operative project and holds 55 hectares inside the park. It’s open for guests and has also volunteers to keep the garden and the guesthouse. It’s less than 1 hour away from Lisbon, so if you are in the neighbourhood, pay a visit, as this is a really charming place.

There’s also workshops of all kinds hold over the weekends, so check also their facebook page for events.

I’ve been enthusiastic about green energy and it’s every-day, small-scale applications for a long time, so I finally wanted to start building them.

I couldn’t wait anymore to build something, so I just started looking for materials around trash cans and yards few days ago. Keep Reading